Sever water damage can be costly to correct. Additionally, it can impact the foundation of the house, which leads to structural damage. Any woodwork in the house will become prone to damage too. This makes a home for termites and carpenter ants as well as inviting mold and mildew.

This is why it is quite important to ensure that your home is not becoming a victim of water damage. You can take a few maintenance measures that can easily prevent such damage. It is much less costly to invest in such regular maintenance than to pay for the correction of water damage.

Here are a few tips to follow in order to prevent water damage in your home:

  • If you have a yard, ensure that it is sloped away from the foundation of the house. This way rainwater or when you water the yard, it won’t flow in towards the house or accumulate in puddles near it
  • The gutters around the house should be kept clean and unclogged. For regular cleaning, hire a professional to ensure that the gutters are clear
  • Any water leaks should be fixed immediately. For this purpose, repair any dripping pipes that are visible around the house. Regularly check for dark spots under the pipes and on the ceilings. The caulking can often become cracked so this should be repaired quickly too. If the roof has any loose, damaged or missing shingles, fix that as well
  • Hoses should never be left connected. Disconnect them in order to prevent standing water from freezing back into the pipes. This can create ice blocks that will disrupt the water flow and may even bust the pipe. This will cause a leak that will drain water into the walls, floor, and the house’s foundation
  • If you have greenery and vegetation around the house; especially near the pipes, then these should be maintained well. What you may have planted for a benefit could quickly become a danger of water damage. Unmaintained plants can have overgrown roots that can easily wrap around the popes and break them
  • Always know the location of the water main in your house. In case of an uncontrollable drip, you can simply turn it off until the problem is fixed. This can prevent additional damage. Moreover, turn off the main when leaving the house for a long period of time
  • For properties that are liable to flooding, you may wish to investigate having a sump pump installed in the basement by a specialist like KD Pumps who supply, fit and maintain basement pumps.
  • Maintain a balanced water pressure around the home. A higher water pressure can cause the pipes to bust as they may not be able to take such an increased strength of flow. To check the pressure, buy a water pressure gauge. A regular residential water system is designed to take a pressure of 40 to 70 psi

Following these tips, you can prevent serious damage to your house. In case, you suspect water damage, you should call a professional to fix it as soon as possible. This will control the problem before it gets worse. Hire a water damage Los Angeles professional today.