Today brands make electric shavers that provide an excellent shaving experience and also save you a good amount of time as compared to the manual shavers.  It may not be as easy as it sounds to pick the electric shaver that suits you the best.

There are certain factors involved in buying men’s electric shaver. You need to know that there are many electric shavers available in the market with a number of latest features but that does not mean that they all will be appropriate for you and that they will be best razor for shaving head. We have discussed few tips below that will help in selecting the right shaver for you.


  1. Do Some Research Before Buying An Electric Razor

Before you buy an electric razor, you need to identify your requirements since you will find a large number of electric shavers that are available in the market made by various different brands. All these electric shavers come with a number of different features that might be confusing for you. If you have no idea about what type of shaver you need, it might be possible that you may end up making a wrong decision. We recommend that you always read the electric shavers buyer’s guide before you decide to purchase an electric razor.


  1. Skin & Facial Hair Type

We all have different skin type and facial hair, therefore, we need to identify the right electric razor accordingly. For instance, if someone has a sensitive skin and requires a close shave almost daily then they may go for a foil shaver. The rotary shaver may not be a good choice if you have a sensitive skin and it may cause rashes on your skin. All the latest electric razors come with both wet and dry shaving feature. Remember to use aftershave lotion after shaving !



  1. Brand & Cost OF Electric Shaver

Top Brands of electric shavers like Braun, Philips, and Panasonic make best quality electric shavers with different price range but their high-end models are expensive as compared to non-popular brands. However, the top brands have better quality and their shavers perform better as well. You may purchase these shavers without having any doubts related to performance and durability. All the top shavers brands offer a warranty which gives you a peace of mind when you purchase an electric shaver.


  1. Maintenance Of Your Electric Shaver

If your electric shaver breaks then you may get it repaired if the issue is minor instead of buying a new one which can be expensive. If you use your electric shaver carefully and do regular maintenance, it will increase the life of your shaver. It is good to clean your shaver after every use and remove all the hair particles clogged inside the shaver’s head, you must also oil the blades. We always recommend reading the user manual that comes with the shaver. It is always better to go for a quality product that might be a bit expensive but will last longer and will perform better as well and always stay away from cheap electric shavers that might be inexpensive but won’t last long and will perform badly after a couple of shaves.