Are you looking to buy a watch that is custom made just for you? Are you confused as to what all to keep in mind when buying a custom-made watch?

For some, having a watch is a necessity and for some, having watches is a passion. Men’s watches are, in themselves a status symbol of your style. If you’re a person who is into watches, specifically looking to invest in watches that are custom made, and at affordable prices, you should look at the following tips before finally selecting one.


Checklist to keep in mind before buying a custom made watch

Below are a few pointers that should be on your checklist before you can make a final decision as to which personalized watch you should go for-

Why do you want a watch?

Customized watches are quite costly, and your purchase should majorly consider the reason you want to buy a watch. Is it a necessity or something that you want which looks good on you or another item to your watch collection?

·       The type of strap you want

There are different types of straps available such as metal, leather or rubber. Leather straps are sleek and formal and can go with a casual look as well. Metal straps have an overall masculine look to them, and rubber straps are the best when you want to go for a casual, sporty look.

·       Analog or digital

You should also keep in mind what kind of watch you want. Would you prefer the traditional, old-fashioned watch with the standard hands and dial or one that is modern and digitalized with LEDs?

·       Automatic, mechanical or quartz

Mechanical watches are the oldest of their kind, springs and cogs power their movement, and they need to be wound by hand almost on a daily basis. Automatic watches are similar in nature; however, you won’t need to unwind them yourself. Quartz watches the simplest and most convenient as batteries power them. You can find a list of the best automatic watches under $500 on Teddy Baldassarre.

·       Features that you want

Nowadays, watches come with many features. You can check the temperature, see your heart rate and even play songs on some watches. So decide on the features you want your watch to have and keep those considerations in mind. You may go for a watch with basic functions of simply telling the time or a smartwatch that has Bluetooth enabled.

·       Affordability

Again, customized watches can be quite costly given the expertise required and their one-of-a-kind nature. So, look for custom made watches which are affordable and also have all the features that you require.

·       Water resistance

Water resistance is a very important plus point for any kind of a watch. Water resistant watches will ensure that your watch will work even after being doused in water. It’s very common for watches to come in contact with water, so this should definitely be a consideration.

·       Signs of quality

Many brands make custom made watches. However, the quality may not always be top grade. It would be better to look for something called the Geneva seal on these watches as that denotes its quality.

·       Used or new?

When buying a custom made watch, keep in mind whether the watch is used or new. There is nothing wrong with going for a second-hand watch. However, make sure that the watch you buy meets the standards of quality.

·       Weight

A personalized watch can be heavy or light on your wrist. The weight depends on the type and features of a watch. So, while looking to buy a watch, look for one that you can comfortably wear, a light or a heavy watch.

·       Good dial illumination

One always wants to know the time. However, if the watch that you’re considering to buy is not one that can help you gauge the time in the dark, it may not be one that will suit you best. Thus, look for a watch that has a good dial illumination.

·       Materials

Make sure that the watch you end up buying has been made with materials that are Grade A. The quality of your watch matters and the materials used further ensures its quality. Therefore, choose a watch that has been made from good materials.

·       Designed by actual watchmakers

Custom-made watches are intrinsic in nature, and that is something only real watchmakers can provide you with. Don’t go for watches that are mass produced; watchmaking is an art, and the dedication can be seen in every detail of it.