Using a video maker to produce winning social videos is the key to success in online marketing. Undoubtedly, videos are the most helpful tool when it comes to branding compared with other formats.

To deploy the power of advertising videos, marketers can make use of online video editors (click here for an example). A video maker will be a valuable tool in helping you to upgrade your social marketing plan.

Why are videos such a hit in marketing?

The main reason for video content’s success is its charm. As you may have known, videos can capture users’ eyes very quickly. Therefore, videos tend to perform best on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and other social media platforms.

We can create eye-catching content in the form of texts, photos, or graphic designs. However, videos have been proven to hold people’s attention 5 times more than others. And that’s the key to upscale your business. The longer viewers stay, the more likely it will be boosted to reach wider audiences.

Thus, the demand for video content is growing. According to Hubspot, in 2018, 54% of users want to see more videos from a brand or business they support. Limelight’s 2019 report shows that users spent 6 hours and 48 minutes watching online videos weekly. These facts can confirm the rapid growth rate of online video content.

The role of videos in social marketing:

With over 3.7 million users worldwide, social media has proven its huge influence on consumers. The 2019 report of Wyzowl shows that 87% of marketers use videos as a marketing tactic. By utilizing videos on these platforms, a company can save lots of money and still get much better results.

As stated by Forbes, videos with branding ads’ viewership have gone up by 258% on Facebook. This number has risen to 99% on YouTube in 2017 too. Needless to say, the figures have rocketed during the pandemic. In short, video has been a rising trend in recent years. In the future, there’s no doubt that it will maintain a crucial role in social marketing.

By exploring the power of online video makers, companies can make useful videos with fewer ad costs. Let’s check out these useful tips and tricks to upgrade your social marketing plan.

Video maker tips #1: Appealing Ideas

The concept is the foundation of every strong creative content. However, creating brand new and unique content is not easy. A new idea is very risky to try because it hasn’t been tested before.

When coming up with a video idea, you should study the most shared content. Browse for winning videos, then apply the good features to match your style. Make sure that your idea is trendy, tempting, and responsive to your target audiences’ concerns. By doing so, you will have more topics to pick while ensuring videos’ results.

Video maker tips #2: Attractive Visual

Video’s topic is the main reason for users to click and start watching. However, pleasing visuals are the key to hold them longer and improve retention rate.

Online video editors are very helpful in this respect because it offers diverse templates. These templates are customized for different platforms, professions, events, etc. Geared video templates ensure your video is suitable for your target audiences’ tastes. A video maker is a helpful tool in making and editing videos that you should consider.

Video maker tips #3: Meaningful Messages

A meaningful message included in the video will help to boost your videos’ reach. Consequently, businesses can engage with the audience and build brand image through deep messages.

If your video attracts many organic engagements, the platforms’ algorithm will rate your video with a high “score”. It will consider the video as high-quality content and distribute it more widely.

Deciding on font, size, text placement, etc. is also crucial in inputting the messages. Online video makers will help companies to smartly include the message into the video. Well-delivered messages will show the company’s good image and help to achieve branding goals.

Video maker tips #4: Captivating Music

Fitting music will greatly upgrade users’ video experiences. However, copyright is a big concern that can directly affect your videos. When finding music for your videos, make sure to check your sources carefully.

Luckily, modern video editing software can give you peace of mind on this matter. With a video maker, you can choose from thousands of fully licensed copyright-free music clips. Even so, the soundtracks are sorted by genre, tempo, mood, etc. Indeed, nice music will add a competitive edge to your videos.

Video maker tips #5: Length & Format

Different platforms will have special criteria for video formatting. For instance, Facebook’s video recommended sizes are various. It ranges from 1:1 to 16:9 to 9:16 ratio. Meanwhile, Tiktok prefers videos that fit mobile size at a 9:16 ratio. Video length is also a criterion that should be customized.

A video maker provides full guidance in making the best marketing videos. The guidance includes detailed notes for many social media platforms. With a useful aiding tool like that, you can never go wrong with making videos for marketing.

Follow these tips in making videos to make the best video content and scale up your business worth at low costs.