Dream League Soccer 2018 is currently one of the most famous video game amongst the football lovers. After FIFA and other football leagues, the sales of the football related video games notches up ten-fold higher. With the latest 3-D graphics and gameplay, this is close to how real football is. The team management, playoff pitch, with players building the Stadium and to create a dominant team so to win the game- you will find everything is there in this Dream League Soccer game. This game is one of the most popular one among the football lovers all over the world.

You can easily download the game from Google Play Store for free and for iPhone users, you can download the game from a third party easily. This article is for those people who are struggling with the game and want to know some of the best tips and tricks.  Here we have gathered some of the most important tips and tricks. Try them, and you’ll keep winning the whole levels and tournaments in this Dream League Soccer game. Read ahead, understand and apply them in your game to level it up.

  • Defending- Defending is the essential part of the game as one needs to protect their goal post so that no opponent can attack and score goal anyhow. For the standard tackle hit the button B and for the side tackle go for A. But only doing this will not make you the best defender. Most of the time players go with button B to tackle the opponent from doing the goal. You’ll have to take care of the timing too, or the central defender will have the easy target on forward clearly.

Keep in mind, not to take the tackle the opponent from behind, or you will surely bag a yellow card in the game. Slide tackles from behind will lead to bag a red card as well so it will be best if you don’t apply both of them in your game and play it neatly.


  • Attacking- You can defend all you want but you’ll never goal if you don’t attack at all. To win the game, it is crucial to do a goal, or the game would be pointless. Button A is the shooting button but don’t press it hard, or the shots will go blazing up above the crossbar meaning miss. Instead, press the button gently as button A throws the shot and keep it lower meaning the goal will be accurate if placed from right direction and timing. For better accuracy try shooting the ball from inside the box.

You can also use Rainbow kick as it is the best dribbling move. In this move, the player kicks the ball over a defender and up in the air. The dream league soccer has some of the best dribbling moves. You can use this option by swiping up the centre while running with the ball on your tab or mobile phone.

  • Formation and Tactics- The one thing that gamers need to understand is that to win a game formation and the tactics are not necessary, but the players. But a good establishment does help in winning the match. The 4-4-2 formation is one to go for as most of the real-life coaches use them in their games and win. Three forwards in the front, say 3-4-3 formation or 4-3-3, the chances of goals are bit higher. But do keep in mind that there is specific formation which will make you lose your game such as 5-3-2 or the 5-2-1-2 as the whole team splits and forget the teamwork.

However, you are free to use your tactics if you want to while selecting the neutral, defensive or attacking mode. All depends on how you like to play.

  • A game with ten or fewer players- Suppose you tackled someone from behind and got the red card. Your team will then have less than ten players, but there is nothing to lose hope about. If your defender receives the card and gets sent off make a forward his/her replacement and bring in a substitute defender meaning there will be no gap in your team wall. If you call a defender, don’t forget to switch your playing mode into a defensive one, so you don’t lose.
  • Make your team more powerful- The best of these football games is to create your team by adding Dream League Soccer Kits & keep boosting skills. The tricky part is that you don’t select the player because you like them, but select them by their attributes and ratings, tackling ability and most importantly, their position. Sign the players with right place and accelerations. After sorting all these out, also check for their stamina rating and you’ll get to know much dominant these players are, especially when you’re signing wingers and fullbacks as they tire quickly because they move little more than other players. Also, sign one extra player as a replacement in case a player is sent off or gets injured. 19 to 22 players are adequate for a good dominant team to win any match.
  • Team freshness-With every new game, the energy keeps depleting. Through a single-player season, turn off the game halfway and let the power of your players replenish. You can also, keep your players active by substituting them after their effort or select the heal option. But the heal option does affect the budget of the team so use it when you require it.

These were some of the most basic best tips and tricks of Dream League Soccer 2018 that you can use to level up your game and shock your opponent and win it easily. Use these tricks and tips to make them lose while you emerge as the best player with great players and a great formation. Try these tips and tricks for winning the soccer video game, and in case you know more tricks don’t wait and inform us right away, and we’ll keep this list updated for our player readers.