Danish start-up platform has made it free to predict on sports games.


Tipya is a new sports platform where you can play without losing any money.

Two young guys have founded the new Danish game concept, Tipya. It is possible to predict the outcome of sport events without the risk of losing money, as you do not have to deposit money to play for.

Henrik and Casper started developing the game concept back in 2017 because they thought the market needed an alternative to bookmakers.

The Tipya platform will bring back the fun and entertaining moments in sports where you can guess the match winners on every sport game. It is also possible to win prizes in the form of cash prizes for the players who perform best. “We think it is only fair to reward the most skilled players at predicting matches every month. We find that our users are crazy about the excitement and the internal competition we have in our different sport competitions” the co-founder Casper said.


Anyone over the age of 18 can create a free user that gives access to play on the 12 biggest sports in the world. This summer, Tipya will provide a ‘European Championship competition’ where everyone over the age of 18 can participate and win cash prizes by being on top of the leaderboard, predicting the right outcome of the games.

Furthermore, Tipya provides livescore on matches, sports related news and more.


Free sport community

In the future, Tipya would like to be the biggest free sports community to deliver livescore and sport competitions.

“But how do you earn money if everything is free”?

“We can provide Tipya for free by making money on advertising. We have different agreements with companies that both sponsor our game competitions and get their brand shown around on our platform. In this way we can provide the sports community free of charge for our users”.

Tipya can be accessed on the website https://tipya.com and is also available as an app for both iOS and Android where the platform today has almost 13,000 users.