Every busy person dreams of optimizing workflow in the best way. Sometimes, business requires a basic set of tools in one or a couple of apps on your phone. Students often seek to buy cheap essay, and entrepreneurs strive to get everything in order.

At the moment, many convenient mobile apps for business are available. With their help, you can work with data, use your electronic signature, browse business news, make money transfers, and prepare for a business trip. Just download it, and everything you need will be on your smartphone.

1. OfficeSuite + PDF Editor

This handy app allows you to work with data if you have no access to a laptop. Various types of formats are available — Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF. These documents can be stored on your smartphone or using OfficeSuite. Other services, like Google Drive or DropBox, can also be used.


  • Convenient toolbar;
  • Interface similar to a laptop — you can scan, create, save, and edit documents, as well as paste pictures into them;
  • Familiar colors — Word is blue, Excel is green, and PDF is red.


  • Full-screen intrusive ads.

2. File Commander

This simple file manager has an intuitive interface. Using this app, you can work with all types of files. Photos, videos, music, and various documents can be created, deleted, sorted, renamed, moved, converted, and quickly sent. If you suddenly forget which file was uploaded, the app will give you brief information about your folders and help you sort them out.


  • It’s easy to use and works on an intuitive level;
  • Your smartphone’s folders with photos, documents, music, etc. are accessible;
  • Files can be converted to more than one hundred other formats;


  • Some useful features such as safe mode, personal cloud storage, file encryption, recovery of deleted files and folders, are not available in the free version.

3. DocuSign

You can use this app for saving your electronic signature and inserting it in other docs. First, upload your signature to the app. Then, you can sign documents using the stylus or your finger. Also, you can draw the signature beforehand and paste it into documents along with your name, logo, and company stamp. After signing, you can send the papers via email, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi.


  • DocuSign official signatures comply with the policies of the countries it operates in;
  • Almost all formats are supported — PDF, Word, HTML, and so on;
  • It is integrated with your email box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, as well as your gallery on the smartphone;
  • You can download several signatures, for instance, ones of your deputies or department heads.


  • Some countries require a verification certificate for documents to make them legally binding.

4. CamScanner

This free app enables you to scan pictures, documents, book pages, price tags, or business cards. You can make corrections in the printed version and send files by email. It can be useful to store scanned documents on your smartphone.


  • Convenient interface;
  • Ability to process and edit pictures;
  • Many processing modes, including minimal, improved, and additional effects;
  • Option to upload processed files to the cloud (Box, Evernote, and Dropbox).


  • Recognized text editing, translation, and some other useful features are absent in the free version.

5. Personal Financial Manager

This easy-to-use app is designed for controlling finances. It enables you to make money transfers. You can manage all income, expenses, and e-wallets that you use (Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, etc.)


  • Ability to set monthly limits;
  • Intuitive interface with no ads;
  • Ability to create templates and schedules;
  • Can take debts into account.


  • Not all payment systems are available.

6. Any.do

A useful organizer with a minimalistic design. It has been developed to get everything in order right on your phone. Essential functions are free — the to-do list, reminder, and calendar. Synchronization with different devices and other apps is available.


  • Voice control;
  • Opportunity to attach various files, such as pictures, voice messages, text documents, videos, etc.;
  • Sorting tasks according to deadlines and importance;
  • Options of sharing your to-do list and giving instructions to subordinates.


  • You may face some difficulties in allocating data by paragraphs and subparagraphs.

7. Time Doctor

This is a suitable work manager for both employees and company leaders. It allows you to see the amount of work done by staff, what they do at a particular time, and which websites they visit. Also, you can look at the time spent by employees on specific tasks and control when they come and leave the workplace.


We didn’t notice any downsides to this app.

8. Wrike

This free app will help you work on different projects jointly, even if you and your team are far apart. It presents a perfect alternative to Asana and Trello.


A quick exchange of data and an ability to attach pictures, videos, and documents to your messages;

  • Opportunity to delegate tasks and authority to other employees;
  • Online conference and push notifications.

As for the cons, we didn’t find any.

9. Blue Mail

This free app is used for quicker email checking. If you use several mailboxes, you can have them all on your smartphone. First, you have to enter a username and password for each email. Then, the app will combine them into one app.


  • No need to go into each of your mailboxes for checking mail;
  • All emails are supported;
  • Convenient and personalized settings for sending messages;
  • Can remind you to send emails at a specific time;
  • Built-in calendar.

Blue Mail doesn’t seem to have any noticeable disadvantages.

10. Speak & Translate

Speak & Translate is a voice translator to help you communicate online with business from other countries. The app can recognize words and speech patterns of foreign languages. Then, it translates the conversation instantaneously. You can store popular phrases and listen to them in your spare time.


  • The app supports more than one hundred languages;
  • Offline, it can work as a dictionary;
  • It has two main modes — translation and voice reproduction.


  • Intrusive advertising;
  • You need to pronounce words clearly because sometimes, the app cannot recognize them.