Fantastic architecture, picturesque small towns on lakes, Belgium chocolate, surreal folk festivals – all these words are about Belgium, one of the oldest European countries. If you have never been to Belgium before, this guide will undoubtedly help you better explore the country of waffles, chocolate, and beer.

Let’s get on with it, here’s a comprehensive list of the best things to do in Belgium. Get comfortable and have a look!

Discover the Medieval City of Bruges

In medieval times, Brugge was well-known as a commercial city in the center of Europe. Today, it’s a must-see city in Belgium. And here are the main reasons why you have to pop into Bruges:

  • This city has more old castles than any other country;
  • There are around 80 bridges in Bruges;
  • There are many lace shops here because this city is also famous for its lace-making;
  • Bruges has the best chocolate shops in Belgium.

Overall, it’s an old fairy-tale town, located in the north-east of Belgium. Add it to your route and you won’t regret it!

Discover Belgian Beer, Take a Day Tour to Maredsous Abbey or the Abbey of Leffe

Do you know that Belgium is famous for its beer? This country has more than 160 various breweries. It goes without saying that beer is the national drink here. If you wish to taste it, take a trip to Maredsous Abbey or the Abbey of Leffe. The first one is an old Benedictine monastery that was built more than 100 years ago. 32 monks live, pray, and work here. To this day, Maredsous beers are brewed following the original Benedictine recipe.

The Abbey of Leffe was built in 1152. Today, Leffe is a premium beer brand that includes several beers in the range. So you can visit this Gothic Abbey and taste one of the oldest beer brands.

Take a Boat Tour in Dinant 

When in Belgium, you must also visit Dinant – the most instagrammable city in this country. Dinant is located along the Meuse river in the region of Wallonia. This city has a wide array of colorful buildings, fantastic churches, and picturesque views. But the icing on the cake is taking a boat tour in Dinant because a river cruise is the best way to admire the city views and take fantastic photos.

Visit Battlefield of Flanders in Ypres

Ypres is an old city with its own history; it was rebuilt after the war and now, the city is a replica of the amazing medieval town, it was before the war. Overall, this city is a starting point for your visit to Flanders Fields.

If you want to learn more about the history of this country, you have to take a Flanders Battlefield tour. You’ll have an interesting, educational day and learn more about World War I battles.

Discover the Bulge Battlefields of WWII 

The Battle of the Bulge, also called the Ardennes Counteroffensive, was a German offensive campaign during World War II. When taking this tour, you’ll explore all the surrounding areas where the battle took place. Such tours usually have a few stops, including ElsenBorn Ridge, La Gleize, Lanzerath, and more.

Spend a Day with Kids in Pairi Daiza 

Travel with kids? Well, that’s a commendable ambition! But if you want to make this journey unforgettable, take them to Pairi Daiza – a private zoo and incredible botanical garden, situated in Brugelette. This huge animal theme park is home to more than 7,000 animals.

All in all, you’ll remember this day in Pairi Daiza for a long time. But if you are going to visit Pairi Daiza on holidays, you have to book your tickets and hotel in advance.

Visit Ghent and Antwerp

Both Ghent and Antwerp must be added to your route across the country. Ghent is located in the center of Belgium. It’s an old historical city, rich in food, art, and music. This old Belgian city is known for big public squares and marketplaces. This city has the same splendid architecture as Bruges.

Antwerp is the main destination of luxury travelers. In the 1700s, Antwerp was the richest European city. Today, it offers a wide array of shopping possibilities, fantastic panorama views, stunning architecture, and much more! On top of that, Antwerp is a very important port in Belgium, because of its perfect location.

Try Belgian Waffles Next to Manneken Pis, Brussels  

The Manneken Pis is the main symbol of Brussels; it’s a 61 cm bronze fountain sculpture that stands in the city center. The first version of the statue was built in 1618; the current statue is a replica that was put in place in 1965. The Manneken Pis embodies a good sense of humor.

The Manneken Pis is located not far from the Grand Place, where you can also taste the legendary Belgian waffles.

Eat Oysters on Belgian North coast

Do you know that Belgians consume more mollusks than any other country? If you like seafood, you simply can’t leave this country until you taste oysters in Knokke-Heist. The best seafood restaurants are located in this city.

Spent a Day at Walibi

Formerly known as Walibi Wavre, it’s a seasonal amusement park with kids-only attractions, roller coasters, carousels, and an observation wheel. If you travel with kids, you should surely visit this park. It is situated in Wavre, in close proximity to Brussels. An unforgettable experience is guaranteed!

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