The main question on your mind after you get another smartphone is about which things to do after buying a new smartphone. There’s nothing like the feeling of getting a new smartphone. You are excited about your new phone and also worried at the same time to set it up. Here we bring you 7 things to do after buying a new smartphone.

  1. Take a Good Look in the box and the Phone

Not just a glance at your smartphone from the box but also look at other tech accessories provide. You need to check what is in the box too. There are times when individuals don’t have the opportunity to take a look at different things other than the smartphone. The best thing you need to will be to take a look at the time of the product warranty. Sometimes, resellers remove accessories from the box and sell them independently.

Additionally, make sure that the phone you got is in good condition. If something doesn’t feel right most phones comes with replacement warranty. Additionally, look particularly close at the camera to make certain there’s no plastic cover. Those can affect the quality of your photos.

  1. Buy a phone case

Protecting your smartphone is significant. You would not like to drop your telephone the day you opened it. That is the reason you need a phone case to protect it from accidents and elevate its design. You can likewise utilize a screen defender to shield your phone’s screen from scratches. Buy a case for your phone that can protect it and elevates its design.

A good case can shield your phone from scratch, dust, rubbing against other keys and other pointy stuff inside your purse and inside your pocket.  Here is an example of some of the best cases for Samsung Galaxy s21 plus in the market that are proven to protect and give smartphones a unique design.

  1. Connect to the Internet.

You can’t use a smartphone without an active internet, which is the reason it is the initial step on most smartphones. Your smartphone will automatically display every available network that it can find. You can simply type your Wi-Fi password using the on-screen keyboard, and connect.

  1. Set up Google Account

To install applications you must have a Google account. On the off chance that you are not a Google user, you should set up a Google account to install applications. Your new cell phone will request you to create a Google account, which numerous individuals skip for the future. You can’t get to the Play store in the event that you don’t have a Google account.  Make sure to sync your information and remember the password of your account.

  1. Check for updates

The next thing you should do is to check for updates. You should keep your smartphone up-to-date as it provides new features and it also improves the security of the smartphone. Companies send fundamental updates to add security and improve the client experience, so try to check for the updates. For application updates, you can set your auto-update from the Google Play Store and also enable your system updates too.

  1. Remove the Bloatware

Most of the smartphone has undesirable programming has unwanted software which is known as bloatware. Bloatware or useless applications are the most disturbing, and you need to get rid of them. To delete the bloatware you need to head for application settings disable unwanted software you do not need.

The majority of them are built-in and can’t be deleted, and some portion of them can be taken out by uninstalling them. So why squandering energy on the garbage of the producers? In the event that all they need to know is that you have purchased their phone? The best thing to do is to delete the garbage you don’t need.

  1. Install useful apps and Enjoy

Are you a social media addict or you just want to binge watch videos. You can simply head to the latest apps from the Google Play store or App Store and you can set the behavior of the apps you are installing. Just simply open your Google Play store or App Store and look for the useful apps you require!


So these were the top 7 things to do after buying a new smartphone.