If you love travelling the world, and always dreamt of getting a job that could allow you to do so on a regular basis, then a job on a superyacht would be perfect for you.

The truth is that there are a variety of jobs one could get in this field. However it is important to be aware of some tips and tricks which will enable you to increase your chances of landing one of them.

Types of Jobs Available on Superyachts

There are different types of jobs you might be interested in, and actually a broader variety than you might actually think.

All crew jobs are interesting and engaging, as being able to work on a superyacht is surely an enticing experience for anyone. 

Some superyacht based jobs include that of a captain, first officer, mate, deckhand, engineer, steward, chef, purser, and housekeeping jobs. Obviously each of these jobs will have specific job requirements, but there are some general tips which could improve your chances of getting any of these jobs.

This is just what we’ll be discussing in the following chapters:

Become Certified

Having certain qualifications is the starting point. There are superyacht training courses which will give you an overview of skills which will come in handy in any superyacht post.

These courses will generally cover important areas such as first aid, personal survival, security, safety and social responsibility and fire fighting.

Prepare a Detailed Resume

Prepare a resume (CV) where you delineate your skills and qualifications. Bear in mind the job you are applying for so as to make sure that you highlight why you can be a good choice for that post.

Register with Crew Agencies

It is a good idea to register your interest for superyacht jobs at a number of crew agencies. 

This is usually free of charge and it will be the employer who will pay a placement fee once an applicant gets hired. This can increase your exposure as well as your chances of being asked for a job interview. Once you register at crew agencies make sure to keep active regularly.

Appearance & Professionalism

This is an important aspect because a smart and professional looking person is going to be preferred by an employer who is looking for fill posts on a superyacht. A superyacht is designed to fulfill the highest standards, and inevitably the personnel working on board also need to comply with such high standards. So, make sure that you look as well as act like a professional 

Networking & Reaching Out

Networking is a good way to build up your chances of getting a job on a superyacht.

Start off by going for an occasional stroll at the docks where you could ask around or even make friends with people working on docked yachts. You could learn about a vacancy by doing so too. Make sure to check websites and employment agencies for new vacancies regularly too. Make it a point to gather information, and sign up to any superyacht blogs check online forums. Apart from increasing your chances of getting a superyacht job you would also be demonstrating that you are a proactive person.

Important Skills & Experience

There are a number of skills you should master for such positions.

The following are skills which are generally looked out for, with some of them being considered as more important than other for certain posts:


  • Good communication skills
  • An ability to work in a team
  • The ability to make decisions and to follow instructions
  • Good organisational skills
  • A positive attitude and being able to keep a smile on your face
  • Nautical experience
  • Experience in the tourism industry, such as hotels, resorts, restaurants & cruise ships.
  • A passion for the sea or water sports
  • Knowledge of engineering and IT
  • Knowledge of maintenance and technical skills
  • Culinary skills

Tax Preparations

Taxation considerations need to be given importance even for these jobs.

Make sure you have everything in order including records of payslips and time at sea. Ideally hire a specialist accountant who specialises in income tax for seafarers to take care of your income tax arrangements, as they could save you a huge amount..

Personal Traits & Aptitudes

While there are several positive aspects to superyacht jobs, it is also worth mentioning the few downsides.

For instance, the living quarters may not be that great on some yachts, and you will obviously be away from home for extended periods of time. As with other jobs too, you might have one or more colleagues who may not be that nice to work with, but in this case you would be living with them too.

So, a job on a superyacht calls for commitment as well as perseverance. If you feel you can be professional, committed, proactive and able to maintain a positive attitude, then this is a good option for you. 

Types of Employment

Employers will be on the lookout for personnel who are able to stay on board for extended periods of time. So, in most cases you will do better if you are able to work on a full time basis, rather than a temporary or seasonal basis only.

Seasonality Considerations

Bear in mind that each part of the year is going to be a primetime for yachting in one part of the world or another. So, be aware of the prime season in different areas so as to be on the lookout for crew jobs at that time and be able to grab the opportunity.


Working on a superyacht does not only allow you to travel the world, but there are also various perks you can benefit from too. 

If you can get a job on a superyacht you can also expect a relatively good salary as well as the possibility of working in a place that promises a lovely atmosphere and ambiance, both on board, as well as you look at the places you will be passing by or stopping at!