So, you have decided to get aa separation or divorce from your partner. The first thing you should do is get an experienced divorce attorney who you can trust to fight for your rights. There are several divorce attorneys who can help you, however, not all the lawyers are proficient and experienced. This is the reason why you need to ask certain questions for determining whether the attorney is the right choice or not.

Meeting an attorney can prove to be an overwhelming task. It can even lead you to forget to ask the important questions. This is why you should go fully prepared for your first consultation. Here are the questions you must ask the divorce attorney.

1. How Long Have They Been Practicing Law?

The first question you should ask the divorce attorney is how long they have been in this field. How much experience do they have in handling divorce cases? A great lawyer will be experienced and well-versed in divorce laws. The experience of the lawyer has a direct impact on the outcome of the case. This is because they will know the best approach for your case.

2. Do They Specialize in Divorce Law?

One of the most important questions you need to ask the attorney is whether they have specialized in divorce law or not. There are numerous law firms claiming to handle divorce cases, but they might not have specialization in family law.

If the attorney specializes in divorce law, they will have comprehensive knowledge about the law and will know the ins and outs of the case. In addition, it will help them deliver the best results.

3. How Many Cases Have They Handled?

Another question that you must ask the attorney is about their cases. You should not be afraid to ask them how many divorce cases they have worked on and how successful they were. A good lawyer will not have anything to hide and will tell you about their previous cases.

4. How Will You Fight for My Rights?

After knowing your case, the attorney will know how to proceed. They will outline the steps that must be taken and why they are important for the case. This is to make sure you have peace of mind. Though every detail cannot be discussed in detail in one meeting, it is more than enough to how competent the attorney is. It can even help you rest assured that the lawyer is well-prepared and has a plan to resolve the dispute.

5. How Long Will It Take to Resolve the Dispute?

Divorce disputes can take a lot of time to be completed. There is no one answer to this question, the duration will depend on your situation. Yet, it is a crucial question to ask the lawyer. An excellent lawyer will have an idea of how long will it take to resolve your case after hearing all the details.

6. Will Their Whole Team Work on Your Case?

There are many law firms that have a team of attorneys that work together to get better results. If the team works well together, this will mean that you are in good hands.

7. How Much It Will Cost?

One of the most important questions to ask from your attorney is how they will charge you. Many people think hiring an expensive lawyer will guarantee success. This is just a misconception. You should always hire a lawyer that you can afford. It is not wise to hire an attorney at the cost of your property. To help make the decision easily, you should at least get quotations from 3 lawyers. After that, you can choose the attorney that suits your budget. When hiring an attorney, you should not hire someone who charges you for the first consultation. Furthermore, you must not hire an attorney who wants the fees upfront.

8. What is The Best Way to Resolve the Case?

During the initial consultation, you must ask the attorney about your legal options. The attorney will recommend the best ways to resolve your case. A great attorney will list all the options with their pros and cons. An experienced lawyer will listen to your case and understand the scope of the dispute. Since they have extensive knowledge about the system, you should be comfortable with their decision.

9. When Will They Be Available? How Should You Contact Them?

Since you will be contacting your lawyer more than you think, you need to know when they will be available and how you should communicate with them. This is because communication has a key role to play. Having clear communication with your attorney can make all the difference. This will help in making the process hassle-free and smooth.

10. What Are the Possible Outcomes of the Case?

This is a crucial question to ask the divorce attorney. A good lawyer will help you be prepared for all kinds of outcomes. It is always better to know beforehand what your chances are of winning the case. An experienced attorney will be honest with you from the beginning. It is essential for you to be mentally prepared for everything. This is the reason why you should hire an attorney who has a clear vision of the dispute.

11. Are There Any Other Alternatives to Court Proceedings?

When you visit the divorce attorney, you should ask them are there other ways to settle the dispute. You can even ask whether arbitration or mediation will work in their case or not. Are they allowed to negotiate with their spouse directly or not?

12. What Is Worth Fighting for and What You Should Let Go?

You should not hide anything from your lawyer, tell them everything they should know. Only then, they will be able to tell you what you should fight for and what you must let go. Once they are familiar with your case, they will help you make decisions without emotions clouding your judgment.

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