Having got a pet, many of us don’t always reflect on the fact that it requires full and thorough care. For a long and healthy life, your pet should walk a lot, have proper feeding, get enough of your attention and love. One of the essential factors of pet care is also the process of hair combing and cleaning. However, the “elimination” of hair from the floor and soft surfaces like sofas, armchairs, and pillows can take a lot of time and effort, especially if you use traditional methods.

Many owners still deal with hair and fur by hand. They use brushes, rubber gloves, shampoos, mops, etc. Though no one is going to dispute the effectiveness of such methods, it’s worth recognizing that, at the same time, they are very energy and time-consuming. Therefore, don’t rush to grab your favorite mop – it’s time to try more modern technologies. Today we want to bring to your attention three best types of high-tech devices designed to clean hair, which not only conduct high-quality cleaning, but also help to save your time. So let’s get started!


Pet Shedding Tools

Electric shedding tools increasingly come in place of the usual gloves for combing. These compact portable devices are designed for grooming pet hair of different lengths and structures on animals of any size. They also cope with undercoat. One of the most popular models is Pet Shed Pal. It not only allows you to remove the hair before it spreads throughout the house but also contributes to improving the quality of the animal’s fur.

The principle of the device is elementary: you turn on the machine, attach it with a nozzle to the pet’s hair and perform smooth circular movements throughout the body. The electric motor, powered by batteries, collects hairs in a special container mounted on the handle. Thanks to the round rubber nozzle with soft spikes, the dead hairs are easily grasped, while the live hair is not damaged.

The brush is made in such a way to remove fur from the body of the dog/cat quickly and thoroughly, without scaring the animal or causing it discomfort. Moreover, the procedure has a therapeutic effect. The massage, which is carried out by a rotating nozzle, contributes to the even distribution of fatty grease and increases blood microcirculation. Thanks to this, the hair roots are enriched with oxygen and receive more nutrients. As a result, the coat gains shining, becomes thicker and more beautiful while falling out less.


Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair 

Vacuum cleaners have always been the best way to deal with hair, both on hard floors and on carpets. Nevertheless, humankind has come up with how to improve even this ideal device. Recently, many of us have been buying robotic vacuum cleaners that carry out the same quality of cleaning while requiring minimal attention and human participation in the process.

In addition to autonomy, the advantages of such a device are power, silent operation, efficient design of brushes and roller-extractors, coverage of even the most inaccessible places, remote control from a smartphone, and a schedule setting. Depending on the type of your floor and other conditions, you can choose a model for hard floors, for hard floors with the additional function of mopping, for carpets of different thickness from low- to high-piled, for a small studio apartment or a house with several floors. However, for high-quality hair cleaning, any of these models should feature the following functions:

  • Scheduled work that allows you to plan the day and time of the device operation.
  • A virtual wall that helps restrict the movement area next to the pet plates.
  • Local cleaning when the device cleans a heavily polluted area, for example, your pet’s rug.
  • In addition to the listed functions, the robot should be powerful enough and equipped with a central brush, which better removes long winding hair. A silicone turbo brush is the best and most effective option.

Among the best robot vacuums, we’d like to highlight the models of Roomba for pet hair such as Roomba 960, and Roomba i7, which can boast of all of the characteristics mentioned above.


Steam Generator

Now it can be hard to imagine quality cleaning without chemicals. They have got wide use in our life. Many pet owners prefer to use special shampoos to combat hair on hard surfaces, as well as carpets and upholstery. But this type of cleaning has a downside. Cleaning agents, reacting with dirt and stains, affect our skin, eyes, and internal organs. And over time, it can lead to unpleasant consequences.

We believe that more modern equipment – a steam generator, may easily replace detergents. This gentle alternative is one of the simplest and most environmentally friendly ways to remove not only animal hair but also many other household pollutions of varying complexity. Steam cleans and refreshes the surface as great as chemistry does. However, it doesn’t harm the surface and is absolutely safe for adults, children, allergy sufferers, and animals.

The principle of operation of the steam generator is based on the following procedure. Water is brought to a state of steam and is supplied under high pressure to the surface. High temperature dilutes grease, and special nozzles capture and remove hair and dirt. At the same time, high temperature disinfects the cleaned surface and eliminates any odors that may remain after the animals. The steam generator is applicable to almost any surface of the house. Depending on the nozzle, you can clean hard floors, skirting boards, carpets, furniture. You can also use it for cleaning other types of contaminants not related to pet hair – a bathroom, a kitchen, and even clothing can easily tolerate steam.

As you can see, any of us can significantly facilitate and speed up the process of pet hair cleaning without spending a fortune. These three devices are safe for you and your fluffy friends, easy to use, and much more effective than classic manual cleaning methods. We hope our review will help you turn your pet care into a pleasant experience and save time for more exciting pastime with your dog or cat.