When you have your new camera, then you just become crazy overtaking new photos all the time with every angle and shot. Plus editing it firstly, and making the best memories out of it. One more thing which the newbie photographers do is getting an extra pair of camera accessories which would help in enhancing their photographs and making the best shots. We never know how our landscape photography can look better or how can we do magic with lowlights shot. Is there anything which can help us in creating breathtaking photographs? Let’s dig it out. Let’s have a look at some of the best must-have camera accessories you should buy before the 2018 ends.

Accessory # 1: Tripod Set

Many of the times people just don’t know why tripod set is so essential to have as an accessory for your camera. Let me tell you why in the following points.

  • If you want to do a speedy photography like the shutter should blink approximately in nanoseconds then what would work you? Obviously, you can’t handle the camera manually for that purpose. Here come the tripod stand and its usage for this purpose is phenomenal. The example could be the Long exposure kind of photography which can be only be done with its help.
  • Similarly, if you want to play with different effects while doing photography like low lights or shades then this is your holy grail because by changing the shutter speed and their associated attributes you can have your desired image in no time.
  • The importance of filters in a good photography can’t be denied and for this, tackling the filters with expertise is much important. Experts have claimed that nothing can be as good with filters as tripod set is. It helps in setting the lights, shades, reflections, some specific colors, etc. If you are doing shoot in a dark place and the filter is also present then you might understand the importance of tripod set which helps in giving the right suitable angles and wide shots. Plus if you love to do landscape photography then it’s your thing because the in-depth feature of the image can’t be achieve with anything else besides this.
  • Obviously, if you do photography then essentially you would also be doing the videography as well. The scene of videography has changed entirely in the past decade and cameras are coming with the latest functionalities to assist you in making breathtaking videos and teasers. According to experts videos look great and a hundred times better when it is shot with the help of a tripod set.
  • Similarly, who doesn’t love the time-lapse videos and how is it possible to make the perfect time-lapse video without a tripod set. You can’t even give it a professional look without this thing. Whether you are making a video directly or merging all of the sequences of photographs; all of this looks great because you just have to set the overall speed of the video. The frame of the photos should be aligned well when you are making a time-lapse video and for this, you must need a tripod set.
  • So, you create self-portrait shots for wedding and events; so, you must know how important a tripod stand is for this. It would create the best shot beyond your imagination. The best kind of self-portraits are made with the help of tripod stands and nothing can replace this reality. So, what are you waiting for then?

Accessory # 2: Extra pair of lenses

What do you think that is it your camera which enables you to take the breathtaking photographs or your skills? If you think of any these options, then you are making a grave mistake because the only thing which is building magic is the Lenses. And it’s most beneficial for you as soon as you start playing with it and learn the skills and secrets to use it for taking breathtaking photos. Expensive or high-tech cameras can do nothing if you don’t have a good lens. The people associated with landscape, editorial and fashion photography know the importance of a good lens and its associative accessories for the good-looking photographs. As a beginner in this field, an 18 mm lens can be given a try as it’s from the moderate range and goes well with everything. Plus if you want to take a shot which gives a vertical-only or horizontal-only effect, then this one is the best choice. If you are a street photographer or loves to capture nature, then go for 55 mm lens and get amazed by its depth and detail.

There is a Kit lens which is quite cheaper than other types of lenses and is one of the best choices for wide-angle shots and for the far-away objects. There is another telephoto zoom lens as well which is pricey but gives you magnificent in-depth shot.

Accessory # 3: Different types of filters

There are some kinds of filters which only plays with light. Like when you do an outdoor shoot or some kind of landscape photography then it’s the best choice to have with you because most of the times the excessive sunlight damages your photos so in that case, it helps in blurring the extra light and give your photos a refined portrait look. Some other filters are good to set your image reflection so that it doesn’t look awkward in the photos.


So, now you would have gotten an idea that how much essential are DSLR video accessories for you to make the best shots. Not only because of this but also to use your camera and its accessories productively in a professional manner. Using a DSLR is simple but enhancing its features through these accessories is impeccable. Whether it’s a slow-motion video or a landscape shot everything can be as beautiful as you want only because of these extra accessories so, what are you waiting for? Just go and grab some for yourself.