Snoring is a common problem faced by almost half of the world population at some point in their lives.

 In America, upto 45 percent of American adults snore, and 25 percent do so regularly, as per the American Academy of Otolaryngology (AAO). In men, snoring is more prevalent than in females and can intensify with aging. 

Snoring may be controlled by certain changes in lifestyle. Some people, however, need medical help if their snoring is due to a medical condition. If you’re worried about constant snoring, check with your doctor.

If your snoring is not very frequent or severe, then here are the top 3 ‘tested’ anti-snoring devices to help you. 


  • VitalSleep 


You must be wondering why this product is at the top. Continue reading to find out.

VitalSleep is an anti-snoring device, and it is the most authentic product that I have come across in my research for this article. The impressive fact is that the product was invented in 1902, and it is still in use. I have read the VitalSleep reviews at to check the product’s reliability. 

It is a mandibular advancement device that aids snoring people to get better quality of sleep. A primary difference between the VitalSleep device and other related devices appears to be the flexible fit.

The system is constructed from antibacterial, latex-free, and BPA-free medical-grade raw materials. The testimonials show around 400,000 happy VitalSleep users and say that the system works well for eight out of ten individuals.


  • Wedge Pillow


For people who feel irritated with the mouthpieces, they can try this product. It’s easy and they won’t have to put extra effort to use it.

There are various special sleeping pillows, and you can choose one from them, but a wedge pillow is our recommendation. 

Wedge pillows make it possible for you to rest on your back while reducing gravity’s straining pressure on your airway. The product has offered many users excellent results and can be especially helpful for back-sleeping snorers. And also for those suffering from acid reflux. 

If you are overweight or have any of the issues mentioned above, you should try a wedge pillow.


  • Nasal Dilators


The cause for many people’s snoring is a blocked nose. And for that, using a nasal dilator is a common solution.

It is a non-medicated alternative for treating nasal blockage-related snoring. In comparison to other anti-snoring aids, Nasal dilators come with several advantages:

  1. The nasal aids are non-medicated, which means that they do not contain any side effects, and it’s safe for most individuals to use them.
  2. Instantaneous relief includes nasal dilators.
  3. There are non-invasive and reasonably safe nasal dilators.
  4. With continuous use, they will not become less efficient.
  5. They are inexpensive. 

Structurally, nasal dilators expand the nasal alleyways in two ways given here,

  • Nasal strips that adhere to your nose bridge.
  • Nasal internal dilators that expand your nasal passages through nostrils.

You can pick any one of these as per your convenience.