Are you fed up with endless charts and technical analysis? Stuck at home due to the pandemic and have nothing to do but stare at the monitor displaying support and resistance? You need to have some rest and reboot your trading. The coronavirus pause brings great opportunities to give your trading a fresh start while watching movies about Forex and finances may turn out to be a good source of inspiration.

We have conducted a list of top 4 movies about trading featuring brilliant actors, success stories, and real-life trading us and downs. Grab the popcorn with soda, sit back, and relax watching some of the most popular films about financial markets you could miss.

1. The Big Short (2015) IDMB rate: 7.8

If you prefer going short, when it comes to trading techniques, this movie is the must-to-be-watched. It is not only because of a brilliant staff with Christian Bale, Ryan Gosling, and Brad Pitt starring. The film depicts a short-selling strategy when one can make a profit on a falling price.

The strategy has always been argued and disputed by professionals. While some considered it risky and even reckless, others make millions. The movie highlights the crisis in the credit swap market. It appears to be a perfect chance for short-sellers to bet against the debt bubble.

2. Wall Street (1987) IMDB rate: 7.4

How much money is enough for you? When is it time to stop or should one ever stop when the trading goes well? The question is how much do you need to feel happy. One of the most common beginner mistakes is the inability to keep control over traders’ efforts when trying to earn as much as possible. For some newbies, financial markets may turn out to be a dragging trap, that will turn trading into the everyday rat race for money. As a result, you will never feel enough no matter how much you earn.

This is actually what the movie is about. It depicts a corporate tycoon (Michael Douglass) who takes the lead over a young stockbroker (Charlie Sheen). The amateur expects his tutor to share some trading insights and a magic formula for greed.

The film was a great success. What’s more, it inspired thousands of young enthusiasts to start their trading careers as brokers. They say, the father of Oliver Stone (movie producer) used to work as a stockbroker during the Great Depression. Some may see a certain connection here. Nevertheless, Wall Street is definitely a worthy movie to watch.

3. Margin Call (2011) IMDB rate: 7.1

This movie is a good one to watch if you think that trading is all about success and easy money. It actually shows the other side of the financial market as well as people absorbed by greed. The film is about investment frauds and capitalism. Beginners may find it a bit complex due to special terms and real-life trading terminology. On the other hand, it will help to build a good background. Besides, the movie is very engaging thanks to Kevin Spacey, Jeremy Irons, and some other great actors starring.

All the actions, shown in the movie, take place within a 24-hour timeframe. We find the main characters in an investment bank trying to take the advantage of the falling market with fraud. The main title “Margin Call” can be described as a bad sign for investors meaning security going up below a certain point.

The plot is based on a real-life story, which took place back in 2008. It is another reason to watch “Margin Call”.

4. Wolf of Wall Street (2013) IMDB rate: 8.2

A sensational movie directed by award-winning Martin Scorsese with Margo Robbie and Leonardo DiCaprio starring. Once again, we are witnessing the results of successful collaboration with Scorsese and DiCaprio after such iconic works as Shutter Island, The Aviator, Gangs of New York, and some more.  

The film appeared to be a symbol of posh life, wealth, greed, extreme, and the way tables may turn in one second. It is a real-life story of a fraudster rookie, who made the luck smile at him. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a crazy ride that made the main character climb up from a penny-worth stock to the club of trading big bananas. It is a story about success, failure, love, friendship, and betrayal.

Hope you’ve liked the list of movies about trading! Feel free to share some other films about investors, stockbrokers, and financial markets we could miss.