ATVs (All-terrain vehicles) are the best vehicles that can help you navigate the less traveled paths anywhere. Whether you are an experienced rider or looking for ATVs for sale and are beginning, finding trails outside of where you live can enhance your riding experience to new levels.

Several ATV trails in North America are frequented by persons who love the off-road experience. Almost all the countries in North America have at least one outstanding trail for the off-road adventurers or enthusiast. Here are the top 5 ATV trails in North America, outside of USA, that you can visit for a great experience.

  1. Voyageur Multi-use Trail System

Located in Mattawa, in northeastern Ontario, Canada, the trail system has been approved by by-laws in Mattawa and neighboring townships to allow riders use the local roads from their accommodations to the trailhead. The trail sits between two small mountains, the Laurentian Mountains and the Algonquin Highlands and it is surrounded by the Mattawa and Ottawa Rivers. It is about a 185-mile distance providing ample opportunities for riders to enjoy themselves.

  1. Charlevoix Region

This is one of the larger trails spanning more than 11,000 miles. It is a renowned trail network in Quebec, Canada, and a popular tourist destination. It has a wide variety of scenery with amazing landscape featuring mountains, the St. Lawrence River and other attractive trails in between.

  1. Puerto Vallarta

Although Puerto Vallarta is famous for relaxing and natural beach lifestyle, it’s mountains and jungle can also be accessed or explored for fun. Puerto Vallarta is a Mexican resort town that allows ATV riding through its mountains. Nothing compares to the experience you can gain speeding down dirt roads and splashing through a mud puddle. Puerto Vallarta provides one of the most memorable experiences riding an ATV on the mountains.

  1. Boca Tapada Golfilo Cuenta

This is one of the best ATV trails in Costa Rica. It covers over 61 miles, and it is located close to Hacienda Trees Amigos, Alajuela, Costa Rica. The trail offers the best off-road experience in Costa Rica. Riding through the jungle, riders get to see different scenic areas and animals in their natural homes.

  1. Antigua Mountain

Get an ATV and ride through the mountain in a city surrounded by volcanoes; you cannot resist the sense of adventure offered by Antigua Mountain in Guatemala. You get to visit four mountains around Antigua, El Cerro de la Cruz, a village at Mayan village.

If you are an ATV enthusiast, try and visit one of the ATV trails mentioned above to take your off-beaten-path experience to the next level.