Top 5 destinations for travel in 2022 for Canadians

The borders have been opening step by step and countries are welcoming Canadian tourists. After a year of uncertainty, it is nice to return to adventures that were looking forward to seeing us. Being overwhelmed by life in a hectic pace of daily work, the best way to charge yourself is having a few relaxing days. Changing the environment is surely a helpful tip to unwind and, who knows, perhaps, fresh ideas are waiting to come, what is needed is to pack a bag and fly towards new experiences!


Largest island of the Caribbean, Cuba drips with history, captivating culture and marvelous coastlines. Capital city is Havana, a well-preserved piece of history representing how life was like a hundred years ago. Despite the aged buildings designed in baroque and neoclassical style, they are extensively being renovated so an old town, Plaza Vieja, took a fresh breath. The main spots such as Plaza de la Cathedral, a great example of the Cuban Baroque Catedral de San Cristobal; the well-known restaurant where Hemingway used to love spending time, Bodeguita del Medio; and the military fortress, Castillo de la Real Fuerza must be visited.

World-known touristic resort Varadero welcomes visitors from all over the world, it is situated along the Peninsula de Hicacos and remains one of the most favorite holiday destinations for Canadians and Americans. The beautiful island is embraced with white-sandy shores and lush flower gardens. Even for a sophisticated traveler Cuba will find what to impress with and not to leave anyone indifferent.

Puerto Rico

This little archipelago of Puerto Rico has perfect weather all year round. The time of a visit depends on you, though winter and early spring are said to be less rainy. As known, tropical areas are exposed to hurricanes and it is basically lasting from June to November, therefore you can take advantage of the off-season and enjoy great deals for accommodation, attractions and other outdoor activities. Also, an island is a home for massive festivals taking place in major cities at least once a month, so check out a festival calendar prior to visiting. Relatively short distance makes Puerto Rico appealing to American and Canadian tourists to come and warm your bones up on a sun-kissed little island.


The land of Greece is full of mythological riddles and legends, covered with ancient remains and a great discovery for those who are keen on history, mythology, archeology and philosophy. Beach-holiday lovers will also find a place for sunbathing and pleasing an eye with the azure jet-blue sea that country is surrounded with. Walking through clearly white buildings and mosaics of crumbling ruins you discover little open-air museums on every step. Describing the atmospheric capital Athens, the first thing that comes into mind is the beautiful landscapes of Acropolis and its brightening marble columns, temples and Parthenon. Probably one of the most famous mountains in the world is Olympus, homeland of mythological Zeus who stayed on his throne right on the top. You may climb up and imagine these legends situated here. Greek mythology as well as Greek cuisine has been extended all over the world, so take advantage of tasting Greek masterpieces right where the dishes were born.

As soon as you get tired of ancient architecture, grab your staff and head to world-famous resorts such as Santorini, Thessaloniki, Heraklion famous for their fantastic views of the ocean and incredibly breathtaking sunsets which you definitely will never forget.


Turkey acts as a multicultural country amazingly combining two enormous parts of the world Asia and Europe. The capital, once the major city of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, is a spot where East meets West and friendly get on well. That’s endlessly to list what you can see and how wide the range of striking attractions is. But we will shortlist the most famous ones.

The largest city in Turkey is Istanbul and it amazes a tourist`s imagination with those chaos, impressive historic sites balancing two different cultures. Istanbul cozily hugs the Bosphorus which flows from the Black to the Sea of Marmora. There are plenty of offers to have a boat trip by the strait and it opens a stunning pathway through the city since Istanbul stretches through both sides of the Bosphorus. Approach the Old City with world-famous sites including the Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace where one of the most famous Turkish series was filmed.

Moving further to Central Anatolia of Turkey you will find yourself being impressed by magnificent postcard views of many flying balloons over a breathtaking skyline. Thousands of tourists come for one in a lifetime experience every year and tick a box in a wish-list. To complete the trip, select one of the seaside resorts such as Side, Marmaris, Antalya or Bodrum – each has its own unique nature and beauty, the only thing remaining equal – picture-perfect beaches and remarkable landscapes.


This place does not need an introduction. Proximity to Canada and simplicity to reach makes the destination most appealing. Depending on the time of a year or your personal preferences, it seems like the states have all the picky travelers required. From sunny Florida or California with its nice weather, where you can heat up and get some tan, have morning workout by the most famous Miami street Ocean Drive, to snowy mountain peaks of Colorado state or Utah that are great for skiing or snowboarding. On Christmas Eve the city, glorified in Frank Sinatra`s songs, becomes magnificent, New Yorkers decorate the houses as shine as they are able to and it feels like there is a competition for the brightest decorated house. Even though you are tired of winter in Canada but sunbathing the whole day does not draw your mind, hit the road to the largest casino-city in the world Las Vegas. Give a try to spinning a roulette, betting on your lucky numbers, playing slots, who knows, Jack-pot maybe waiting for you. In case you can not play in one of the land casinos in Las Vegas, check the list of secure and safe online casinos to play online baccarat Canada. Enjoy your trip!

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