Searching for the top MBA options? You need to write the perfect scholarship essay to get into the best business schools for instance as mentioned below. All of these might be expensive, but they get you exactly at the place you have aimed for. If you’re looking for an inexpensive option, consider a cheap online MBA from abroad. You can earn an MBA degree from a prestigious UK university, for example, while paying a very low tuition fee.


5) The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

The University of Chicago Booth School of Business offers a 21-month MBA program that costs $144,000 USD. The class consists of over 500 students which consists of 42 percent of female percentage of students along with 30 percent of international students. This program is renowned for its high employability rate as well as its flexibility in terms of curriculum. For this course, you need to opt for Leadership Effectiveness and Development (LEAD) as a requirement of degree. This enables the students to design their own personal program that fits their personal career target. Rest the necessary subjects like operations, management etc. are included.

4) Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School is known as the first to launch the MBA program and are working their way since 1908. The tuition fee costs $146,880 USD with about 41 percent female and 37 percent international students in the class. HBS Offers a 2-year program that has marked its position at second rank in the US rankings for employability. Harvard is famous for its case method, and the HBS faculty writes 80 percent of business cases which are sold internationally as well. The total cases that students must go through are over 500.

3) MIT Sloan School of Management

The MIT Sloan School of Management costs a total of $148,400 and the total number of students in class ranges above 400, with about 42 percent females and 38 percent international students. The MBA program by MIT is a 2-year program that is renowned globally for its excellence in research, which is why MIT MBA students are known to be capable of the best MBA writing services. Int his program, students work through hands-on approach and work with host organizations to solve real-life business problems critically.

2) The Wharton School

Wharton has raised its bar in the business school rankings by taking a similar spot beside Stanford. The total students here are more than 850, and the total tuition fee for the program is $162,756. This is a 21-month program with the option of 18 majors from which the students can choose as per their choice. The program also offers you a recommended summer internship after the first year of your degree.

1) Stanford Graduate School of Business

The world-renowned Stanford hits it once again for MBA programs. The program assists over 400 students and costs $141,180 for 21 months. All students who want to complete the program must complete the Global Experience Requirement first, where studying and working abroad for a minimum of 10 days is compulsory. In this program, students can also opt for two-week compressed courses to develop and enhance knowledge about business subjects.