The Buildings we live in have been a part of human life since the beginning of time. They protect us from harsh weather and shelter us, at least that was the main idea behind housing and buildings in the first instance.

But over the last few centuries, we have seen Buildings become more than just providing shelter and safety from harsh weather to something of great luxury, and this is where building materials come in.

Gone are the days of cabin houses, we have moved into constructions with just about any materials depending on tastes and preferences, there is hardly any material that our Buildings and structures don’t incorporate now.

We have come up with a list of the top five building and construction materials that have become very rampant in recent decades, and we are sure you will find your preference amongst them.

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1. WOOD:

This is the earliest and the most ancient of all building and construction materials. Wood has been used to construct our housing from time immemorial, and it’s the most popular.

Right from the days of thatched roofs and cabins to high rise buildings and skyscrapers, wood has been an ever-present material in human construction history, and we love to keep using it.

With new technologies on how to make wood and timber stronger and last longer, you can be sure that this building material won’t be going anywhere anytime soon as even the most modern buildings still make great use of it. The most preferred types of wood for construction include bamboo, timber, mahogany, and so many other suitable wood types.


Here comes another prevalent building material that we can’t afford to do without in our construction and is also here to stay for a while at least until technology gives us a better option. Concrete is a combination or mixture of gravel, sand, and cement, which solidifies and becomes hardened when water is added and given room to dry up.

Concrete is quite popular because of its durable nature and the ability to retain its rigidity for decades without the need for constant repair. They can be used in just about any construction from buildings, bridges, flooring, and roads. Look around you, and we bet there’s something concrete around you.



A building is seldom complete without a metallic material, right from the foundation to the furnishing of the construction, you can’t just take out this essential metallic element. Metals are put in just about every construction type to act as that strong skeleton that binds and keeps every other thing together.

Most times, metals in building construction can be hidden, and you hardly see them like every other material but believe it, they are always there, they are that inner strength that keeps everything upright and makes our buildings last for years without fragmentation, breaking or getting damaged.



This material is probably the most modern material in buildings. In ancient and archaic buildings, Glass was restricted to just Windows and sometimes doors, but recently we have seen Glass being part of the mainframe of the whole building itself.

From walls to doors and even sometimes floors, Glass had crept its way into our building constructions over the last centuries.

Glasses may not be as strong as other buildings materials. Still, they inevitably bring the beauty and luxury that we mostly can’t get from the other elements, so when you’re into luxurious building options, Glass is the way to go.



Lastly, on our list of most commonly used construction materials is Ceramics. Using ceramics as a fancier option against Glass started in Asia, specifically in China. The Chinese were known to use ceramics in their kitchens wares but recently have mastered the act of using the material in building and construction.

Ceramics are the materials that the popular tiles are made of, and you can find them in staircases, walls, and mostly everywhere around toilets, bathrooms, and kitchens. They can also be used to cover roofing tops for helipads.


In conclusion, no matter your preferred building material, you can agree that all these materials are equally important, and the combination of two or all of these materials gives your building construction that top-notch feeling.


Buildings and structures are already a part of our life that we cannot do without. Until technology provides us with better options, these five materials are here to stay and will be here for the foreseeable future, and will be included in the vast majority of material takeoff services.

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