Search Engine Optimization is a constant search for a successful way to rank your page as high as possible. There are many ways to achieve it, but not all of them are equally effective. Beginning of a new year is a perfect opportunity to analyze your digital marketing strategy, and improve SEO efficiency. It doesn’t matter if you’re only looking for small adjustments or want to change your SEO strategy entirely. Trends of 2020 should play a significant role and make your search engine optimization more effective. Now, without further ado, let’s see what these trends are.


SERP will become even more Consolidated

Over the years, search engine result pages have changed significantly. Advertisements featured snippets and answer boxes – they all changed the situation drastically, as they are getting the majority of clicks. Moreover, additional features, such as “People Also Ask”, or videos above text search results decreased organic traffic even more.

The number of rank zero snippets goes up. Position zero can be beneficial, as you can boost conversions and beat the competition. However, it’s arguable when it comes to website traffic – people will find information right at SERP. Therefore they won’t have to click and visit your webpage, so it means that organic traffic will be even lower.

Such features are always convenient for users – they are able to find necessary information faster. Unfortunately, it makes your SEO life tougher and forces you to often use programs like Rankitor, which allow you to see your page performance and how good it ranks. Majority of people won’t open the second page. That’s why you have to do everything you possibly can, to be ranked on the first page, preferably on top of it.


Keyword research will be Super Important

Google is not only a search engine – it’s more like an answer engine. When people type a question, they’re expecting a direct answer. They will use a specific keyword pattern. That’s why you have to know what keywords will bring your website more traffic.

How to use this knowledge to your advantage? Use programs such as Ahrefs or SEMrush in order to quickly analyze and know which keywords will bring you success quickly. But, keep in mind that focusing on direct keywords only doesn’t necessarily have to be a good idea. What you should do instead is think of a topic as a whole. That will naturally lead you to secondary keywords without much struggle. Use Google and YouTube autosuggestion to come up with ideas for the most popular topics. Do everything to find keywords, which result in more clicks. It’s more likely that searchers will visit your webpage when you incorporate them.


Don’t neglect voice Search Optimization Importance

Statistics clearly indicate that voice search is getting more and more popular. People like it because it’s a convenient way of entering data. 6 out of 10 people tried this method of searching in the last couple of months, and teenagers use it every day. According to estimations, shopping based on voice-search will reach $40 billion in 2 years. The easiest way to improve your voice SEO optimization is to focus on answering questions, as this is the most common type of voice search.


Videos will be an essential part of your Strategy

Video marketing is part of digital marketing, but up to this point, many didn’t take it seriously. In the upcoming years, it’ll change. Online video consumption is increasing every year, and by 2021 we will spend 100 minutes daily watching videos. It happens because this form of product presentation is more convenient and allows you to learn more about service or an item. Companies spend more and more money on videos, so there’s a good chance you’ll be able to profit nicely if you work towards your video SEO strategy.

In order to boost your video popularity, make sure that you use eye-catching thumbnail images. People will click on your product videos more often then. Also, add accurate tags, so that the search engine is able to recognize better and understand what your video is about. Don’t forget to optimize the title correctly, and provide decent video description, captions and transcripts. YouTube is the biggest video platform, but you should also add videos on other platforms.


Mobile-friendliness is key to Success

Smartphones have become a significant part of our lives. It was never so easy to find information and answers to your questions within seconds. That’s why mobile website version optimization is so crucial. In fact, Google is already rewarding websites which work towards mobile version improvements. It’s safe to say that mobile adjustments take over control of the web. Google previously announced that they’d implement necessary changes. If you don’t want to stay behind, make sure that you analyze your website when it comes to mobile-friendliness, and if needed, add necessary changes.

Obviously, these are not the only changes which might make a difference in 2020. In order to be successful and stay competitive, you have to analyze the market and look for new solutions regularly. Only the drive to provide the best possible SEO services will make your work successful.