Are you going out for vacations, leaving an empty house behind?

Are you worried about your belongings?

Are you worried about your property’s security?

Then you are reading the correct article.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has made it easier to set up a smart home in which you can have control over different appliances remotely.

Not only do you have control, but you can also monitor your house from anywhere in the world.

This article will help you find the best home security system that you can install in your house for safety.

Also, I will tell you the top five smart home security systems 2020.


Smart Home Security Technology 2020

With 2020 smart security systems, you have far better safety features and controls on the system. The Internet of Things (IoT) has made it easier to set up a smart home in which you can have control over your door locks, lights, thermostats, vacuums, lawnmowers, and even pet feeders, using your smartphone and an app remotely.

You can monitor the smart home security system and control the security devices using your smartphone and an app. The system is connected to your Wi-Fi network. Home security systems are becoming advanced with features like infrared detectors, window sensors, automatic sirens, HD recordings, and connectivity with Google and Alexa.

Smart home security systems are highly customizable and can be installed on your own as DIY kits, or you can call a professional to set up the system.

You can either monitor the system, or you can ask a surveillance team to monitor 24/7 and alert you and the authorities in case of any emergency. You also have an option of ‘on-demand monitoring’ where you get surveillance from professionals when you are out of city or country on vacations.

5 Smart Home Security Systems

1.   ADT Pulse

ADT is a well-known and trusted brand for more than 140 years. They are best known for their certified monitoring centers, which are in-house, and 7000 operators are working 24/7. It is one of the most expensive security systems, equipment costs starting from $600. ADT Pulse was launched in 2010 as a smart home security system. ADT Pulse upfront cost is $49 and then $29 per month. It supports Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, and you can use voice commands to control various appliances.

ADT does professional installation to be sure that the system is installed correctly. ADT gives six months money-back guarantee and $500 as a theft protection guarantee. Also, it requires long term contracts, and therefore, you will be charged an early termination fee if the contract is broken.

2.   Vivint Smart Home

Vivint uses high-end technology and equipment but still keeps its costs market competitive. You can customize your package as per your security needs. Just like ADT Pulse, it also supports Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for voice commands.

Vivint Smart Home security system offers 24/7 security monitoring and control of your door locks, cameras, heating system, and a video doorbell remotely. $40 is charged monthly.  Also, you will be required a monthly subscription for remote access. Its smart home panel lets the system learn your habits, so it knows when to turn up the heat or dim the lights based on your routine and preferences.

3.   SimpliSafe Home Security System

SimpliSafe is chosen because of its no contracts policy. They don’t hire any salespeople, and you can select the equipment and monitoring level you want. SimpliSafe is modern, sleek, and easy to setup. You can simply set up the system in 30 minutes, and if you wish to professional installation, then it will cost $79. You can get affordable hardware with reasonable monthly monitoring fees. The equipment costs start at $230, and monthly monitoring starts from $15 per month.

SimpliSafe is suitable for renters of small homes and apartments because of its wireless connection, and no long term contracts are required.

4.   FrontPoint Safe Home

Frontpoint offers a full-service DIY installation option to its users. It does not require any contracts for its services. The best part about Frontpoint is its customer service. On average, its customers stick around for seven years. Frontpoint takes direct customer feedback to improve its offering and make the buying experience better.

Frontpoint sell easy and preprogrammed equipment. With every plan of Frontpoint, you get access to a mobile app that controls your system. Frontpoint’s smartphone app has a good rating and it is easy to navigate. Like every other smart home security service, Frontpoint also supports Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for its voice commands.

5.   Nest Secure

If you feel more comfortable with self-monitoring your security system, then Nest Secure is best for you. You can monitor through Nest’s smartphone app, which is intuitive and user-friendly. Nest Secure covers essential intrusion detection services like a base station and sensors.

If you have difficulty in self-monitoring, you can always opt for professional monitoring service by subscribing to Brinks Home Security, which provides professional monitoring for the Nest Secure System. Brinks’ monitoring service for Nest starts at $19 per month. You can use voice commands by using Google Assistant, to control various equipment of Nest Secure.

Though all these smart home security systems are best in their capacity, you can get an affordable smart home security system from True Protection Home Security if you are living in San Antonio. It has partnered with the Brinks Home Security system to give residential as well as business security services.

You can watch live HD streaming video with your device, and see different locations at once with their advanced video surveillance solutions. You can get customized security package and only pay for the equipment you need.

So, go ahead and contact the smart home security company of your choice to secure your family and your property.