In the home, living area and common area is the place where most the family member uses to stay longer, after their bedrooms. The main furniture of that room is the sofa, easy chairs, couches, etc. some people use different covers to decorate their furniture or protect it from the dust and external heats, etc. many people use sofa upholstery covers as traditional because, in the old times, there was a trend to make covers for all the furniture. So, today, we will check the latest and trendy designs of sofa covers. Let’s have a look.

Top 5 Sofa upholstery covers designs:

Here are the most famous and useable sofa cover designs that are used worldwide. Here they are:

1.    Cotton Duck Sofa upholstery covers:

This slipcover is basically designed for T-Cushion. This cozy sofa cover is for those who want the modern and aesthetic interior of their house and want to use such an amazing slipcover for the sofa. With its original and sophisticated look, it’s the best piece to decor your home. Moreover, it can be removable and wash easily. It has extra ties that are specially designed for the adjustment.

2.    Deep Pile sofa upholstery covers:

It is made of Polyester and Velvet; provide an elegant look to your sofa set. This sofa cover comes with different qualities like:

  1. It has many colors
  2. It has many sizes
  • It will protect the back seat
  1. It will protect the arms of the sofa from dirt and paw impressions.

3.    Great Bay Home Modern sofa upholstery covers:

It is made of velvet that gives the plush look to your room. It has strapless Slipcover that looks so real and elegant. It is considered as the best design, especially for the people having pets in their house. The velvet will provide a flexible and luxurious look as a sofa cover. Basically, the velvet is used for upholstery purpose and it’s cost-effective at the same time. This is the reason why people love it the most.

Your guests will also get the best snoozing experience on the sofa.

4.    Jacquard High Stretch Sofa covers:

This slate-dim polyester-spandex couch covers superbly structure fits your love seat, by the excellence of its stretchy texture. This material is accommodating for the environment and simple to wash, in addition, you can easily slip it on and appreciate utilizing it right away.

5.    Reversible Sofa-Size Furniture Protector:

This client most loved reversible slip spread tucks into your lounge chair pads and creases over the arms to shield it from surprising spills. In light of its not really inconspicuous example, we’d state this pick is most likely best for carrying out on events when visitors with pets or children are paying you an end of the week visit.


These are the best sofa covers because of their designs and other benefits. You can buy them from the market or order them online after giving the exact measurement of your sofa. Enjoy the new look of your couch without spending a lot of money.