Being multilingual today has its own perks. You immediately become a hot property for a number of industries.

As new powerful countries rise to prominence, it is obvious that speaking multiple languages will become a requirement to achieve success in the future.

On that note, how about introducing more languages to your child?

The more languages they learn, the better it would be for their future career prospects.

All the successful people are investing in language classes for their children!

How about making your child learn a language that is the fourth most spoken language in the world; Spanish?

Let’s start looking at the free resources you can access to learn Spanish.

I have mentioned why one should learn Spanish and the top 6 best free Spanish Learning Websites in this article for you.

So, let’s start.


Why Learn Spanish Language? Facts & Figures

  • The Spanish language is also known as a Romance language.
  • It was established in the standard written form in the 13th century.
  • It is spoken by more than 534 million people, mainly in Spain and the USA.
  • It is the world’s 2nd most spoken native language (460 million people out of 534 million)
  • It is the world’s 4th most spoken language.
  • It is the official language of 18 American countries, Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Spain and Equatorial Guinea in Africa.

6 Free Spanish Learning Websites

1.   DuoLingo

DuoLingo is a free resource of learning more than 30 different languages. It offers reading, writing, and speaking lessons to all types of learners. The levels vary from beginner to expert.

The good thing about DuoLingo is that it makes learning a language fun by making the whole learning process as small games of 5-20 minutes. You can set goals and commit daily time for learning sessions to keep on advancing the levels.

Another good thing is that as you advance the levels, you get a chance to earn rewards called, Lingots, DuoLingo’s online currency. It can be used in the virtual store.

Start your first Spanish learning game at DuoLingo.

2.   FluentU

FluentU is a great website that wants to make you learn Spanish in a natural way. It uses real-world interactive videos that can be music videos, podcasts, news, movie trailers, etc. You can read the translation or subtitles of the content. If you want to know the meaning of some words you can just click on it to know the in-context definition. You can add those words to your vocabulary list too.

You can watch videos that are of your interest and that speeds up the learning process. You are given 2 weeks trial period and if you pay for the subscription then you get access to other languages too.

Watch your first interactive video in Spanish at FluentU.

3.   Babbel

Babbel provides structured lessons with different difficulty levels and interests. You can select from 15 different levels including; newcomer, beginner, independent, refresher, business Spanish, etc. You can practice grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, and advanced courses.

An integrated speech recognition tool is great to practice the right pronunciation and sound like a native speaker. It also uses spaced repetition technique which reintroduces words through six memory stages and enables the learner to remember vocabulary. Babbel polishes your writing, speaking, and listening skills in the Spanish language. You can practice at your own pace and convenience.

You can try Babbel’s first lesson for free here.

4.   BBC Spanish

BBC Spanish learning website is a great interactive website that helps you learn Spanish through crosswords with audio and cool Spanish phrases. It also features an interactive video drama called, Mi Vida Loca (My Crazy Life). BBC Spanish website has all the relevant links of the news, radio, and TV channels in the Spanish language.

Even it features the ‘Spanish for Kids’ section, which means this website is not helpful for adults only but also kids. It has resources like Spanish vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation on its website.

Learn more about the Spanish language on the BBC.

5.   Fluencia

Fluencia was developed by the team of You can start learning Spanish at Fluencia by subscribing to it. You need to give a quiz that judges your level of language and then it starts off from there. There is total of 9 levels and each level consists of 10 units.

You can set goals for yourself, track your growth, and set reminders for your daily practices. You also get personalized and timely feedback that will improve your language skills.


6.   Study Spanish

Either you want to learn Spanish for school or for conversing with your Spanish friend; will help you in both aspects. It provides lessons of pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and verb drills. You can choose from the three levels of difficulty; beginner, intermediate, and advanced. You can listen to their podcasts too.

If you are a student and learning Spanish at school, you can get help related to grammar, vocabulary and oral proficiency and get better grades.


Other than these top 6 Best Free Spanish Learning websites, Spanish Tutoring is another new website that provides free online lessons of the Spanish language. It provides Spanish vocabulary, conversational sentence examples, grammar checkers, etc. From basics like numbers in Spanish to verb conjugations, you can all find it on the Spanish Tutoring website.

For example, you can easily find out how to say goodbye in Spanish language in different ways.

Spanish tutoring is just like a one-stop solution to learning a great language.


With all these free resources, it is not difficult to become an expert in the Spanish language in no time. Learning a language involves improving vocabulary, practicing grammar, correct pronunciation, and continuous quizzes to track your growth. The more you practice, be it conversation or writing, the more fluent you become. It is always great to be a multilingual person in this fast-moving world.

So, let’s start learning the Spanish language from today either through fun games at DuoLingo or by watching interactive videos at FluentU.

Take online Spanish classes –  Find a Spanish tutor online for a reasonable cost is possible but don’t base your decision on cost alone. Find a tutor that is a professional. Your time is very valuable (you’ll soon find this out if you go the cheapest route). The right tutor will provide you with Spanish tutoring resources and guidance you will need in this journey. Take time to check out different tutoring services to decide for yourself what is a good fit for you. One website we like is Spanish55, check them out along with cheaper options like iTalki and Verbling. The quality of instruction will be lower but if you already have a good conversational level those are good options!

Need help choosing a Spanish tutor? Check out the video below where Sean from Spanish55 goes over key points to consider when hiring a Spanish tutor.

Here’s a link to an article that lists the best Spanish tutors online.