For the whole world, Las Vegas is a place of all-night-long entertainment. There are many glamorous casinos, fashionable hotels, parties and shows shining with lights here. Having grown in the last 20 years in the heart of the desert, the city of Las Vegas is now the “gaming center” of the United States. It has more than 100 complexes that include places for resting and entertainment.

Las Vegas offers tourists something that no city similar in size can offer. For example, take a look at celebrities, which you can meet a dozen times a day. Also, it’s easy to get out of Vegas into nature: great hiking and cycling trails start right outside the city. Even a regular walk through Vegas streets will make your heart beat faster. Apart from it, there are thousands of varieties to entertain yourself.

Many tourists know that Las Vegas is famous for its magic shows. However, many things could be more exciting. Read this article to find out what you can do in Las Vegas to have fun.


Some attractions and sightseeing


  1. Red Rock Canyon is one of the most impressive places in Las Vegas. It is not just a canyon but a nature reserve with beautiful mountains around. Red Rock Canyon is located not far from Las Vegas. It has a characteristic red color and impresses with its bizarre landscapes that have formed over millions of years. The basis for the creation of these exquisite landscapes was the oceanic and volcanic rocks. Now this place is quite popular with tourists. You can watch majestic creations of nature and observe exotic desert beauty here. 


  1. Another exciting place to visit is the High Roller. It is a Ferris wheel located in the middle of the famous Las Vegas street called Strip. This giant attraction consists of 28 spherical glass booths, each of which seats 40 people. High Roller is the biggest Ferris wheel in the world. From its highest point, you can see a breathtaking panorama of the city. The wheel makes a full revolution in 30 minutes. You might get an unforgettable experience by trying it. 


  1. Venice Hotel is a famous Las Vegas place not only to stay in. It recreates the atmosphere and architecture of a north Italian city standing on the water. There is St. Mark’s Square, the Rialto Bridge and, of course, gondolas in the canals. In American Venice, you can swim on a gondola and listen to Italian serenade songs. A gondolier dressed in a costume from the times of the Venetian Republic will control the boat.


  1. One more famous place in Las Vegas is Fountains of Bellagio. Every evening they give a magnificent view, causing delight and admiration. With the bewitching singing of world-famous singers and composers, crystal jets of water soar up and intertwine, performing a fancy dance. It’s called a fountain show — it makes a lasting impression on visitors, especially for the first time. The jets of water strike on movable supports moving freely and providing the necessary configurations. The backlight can also perform various functions and manipulations with light. 

What about night activities?

  1. Las Vegas is known as a city that never sleeps. The city lights burn exceptionally bright at night. One of the most popular evening activities here is Cirque du Soleil show. Beautiful music, stunning visual effects and professional staging performances will make your evening unforgettable. Concerts are held in several halls at once. Therefore, you can purchase tickets and attend several unique shows on different days.


  1. There are many extreme attractions in Las Vegas. For example, Stratosphere Tower with an observation deck on its upper floors. It rises 350 meters above Las Vegas so that it can be seen from almost any edge of the city. Stratosphere Tower is the tallest building in Las Vegas and the second tallest one in the western United States. It is part of the hotel of the same name, located on the Strip. In its upper part, there is a viewing platform and several extreme attractions. For example, The Big Shot, which is known as the highest attraction in the world. Armchairs on an individual frame slide directly on the spire of the tower. Smooth movement is interspersed with sharp accelerations and jumps. A visit to this attraction is truly breathtaking. No less vivid sensations are provided by the Insanity the Ride attraction. This is a carousel that carries chairs with visitors beyond the borders of the tower. You can contemplate the panorama of the city in its entirety if you are brave enough.


  1. Las Vegas is also known as a city of casinos. Gamers who enjoy playing online casinos, such as Mr Green, Bovada, or Intertops surely dream of try playing real slot machines. The most famous Las Vegas casino is located in the New York hotel. It is a miniature copy of Manhattan. 


Here takes place a 46-meter-high replica of the Statue of Liberty, as well as a roller coaster ride at a 180-degree angle, and, of course, huge casinos. By making bets and playing different casino machines, you will fully experience the atmosphere of the gaming world. The casinos will be exciting both for professionals and beginners who, as you know, are always lucky.


Overall, there are many different places and activities in Las Vegas that worth your attention. This city could surprise both a lover of a relaxing holiday and a fan of drive, excitement and extreme.