Top 8 Sources of Finding CV Templates


CV and Resumes are an important element of employment hunting and in fact, lie at the very foundational level of helping you score a good job. Some of the best and most intelligent students may have all the skills, but alongside this, they need to have an excellent CV to show their skills off. Following are some of the sources from which you can get the best CV templates.


1.    Zety

Zety is one of the best CV and resume making websites. This site offers you a range of templates that include CV templates, templates for cover letters, resumes and much more. All the help you need while building an impressive CV is right there in the form of a template. Not only are these templates detailed, but these are also easily customizable. You can say that compared to other sites, the choices for templates might be less to choose form, but Zety helps you every step of the way you are filling your resume to get you the ideal result you want.

Zety is a popular site that has a strong control over the site’s activities. This can be observed while filling the CV template as Zety helps you every step of the process. Every section of any template can be customized. You can also preview your CV in the preview section option to get an idea about the final look of the CV. When you have finished making the CV, you can easily download the CV and even create your own link to share it for online availability.


2.   Canva

Canva is one the best graphic design tool websites that is free for use and also convenient. You might be thinking how graphic designing site is related, but the fact is that Canva also has the feature of a CV maker. In case you are a creative individual and have some art experience, you can design a template on a blank plate yourself and utilize it. If you are not familiar with art and graphic designing, you can go for Canva’s CV templates. These are customizable in terms of every detail so that you can add any shapes, images and symbols that you desire in the CV. Canva is known for its unique templates and features that will make your resume stand out.

Canva is a free site where you can easily create your resumes. You can save the photos and other files that you create in your personal 1GB space provided by the site. The best part about this site is that is offers thousands of ready to use templates so now you don’t have to worry about setting a design and structure for your CV yourself.


3.   Kickresume

Kickresume is an excellent site that assist you in making the prefect resume for a good job. The site consists of many CV templates that you can use; all pre-set and designed by the industry itself. For beginners, who are new to resume designing and making, sample resumes are also available to help them out. The best part is that the sample CVs are of people that actually scored a job front that resume from theirs. You can also utilize their feature of an interactive resume maker, where you can design your own CV template and use it.


4.   Hloom

Hloom is the best site for CV and resume templates. You can browse from about 275 free templates; all that are free to download and use! Because of this wide range of template selection, you can easily find multiple templates that match your taste and style. From beginners to professionals, everyone can utilize Hloom to design the perfect CV and score their dream job. A little drawback in this site is that this site consists of advertisements, so you need to be extra vigilant while downloading the templates so that you do not accidentally click on ads that might even be dangerous for your privacy as well as for your computer.


5.   Google Docs

Most of the people around us have a google account these days, and when you have a google account, it becomes very easy to get access to Google Docs. Google Docs offers you CV templates that can help you build the perfect CV for a job. This application is much similar to Microsoft word, where you can choose from a variety of templates according to your own taste and style. Google Docs are absolutely free, you just have to make a Google or Gmail account if you do not already have one.


6.   Jofibo

Jofibo consists of a variety of CV templates that are designed with modern fonts and formats specifically keeping in mind the latest trends. Here, you can find templates for different types of resumes that include the functional ones, one pagers, chronological CVs and even old-patterned ones. All resumes that are made by utilizing the templates can be easily downloaded to the computer.


7.   Super-resume

Super-resume is an online application that helps you in building a CV. It has ready made templates as well as blank templates for customized work. The best part about it is that it helps you make your resume by importing the information into the pre-made templates so you can just easily download the resume and use it. This website is free, but it involves free sign up to use the templates.


8.   LiveCareer

LiveCareer is one of the popular CV making sites as well, and this is because of the services of in-house experts that are present on the website. Utilizing the complete features of this site requires a premium subscription that of course requires a payment; but you can utile some of its limited features on the seven-day trial as well. Remember to be careful while you are downloading your templates and CVs so that you do not accidentally click the third part links on the sites. These sites can be very dangerous for your privacy and for your computer.