We live in a world of possibilities. The things that you once thought could never become reality have now become the norm. The technology that we have in the world today was once a wild imagination, and bitcoin just happens to be one of such technological innovations.

Bitcoin is getting a reasonable amount of attention, especially in the way payments are made. The growth of electronic payment serves as a conduit for the acceptance of bitcoin as a form of electronic payment. However, bitcoin isn’t quite there yet as many people still do not have a full understanding of how it works, and how it is different from other electronic payment options.

In some countries, the governments have maintained a sceptical position with regards to cryptocurrencies. They have alleged that it can be used to perpetuate different kinds of fraud due to its high level of security and privacy of transactions. Nonetheless, it has become clearer that bitcoin is here to stay, as its value chain continues to add a new link. This is where bitcoin ATM machines come into play.

Bitcoin ATMs are very similar to regular automated cash machines. The only difference here is that they allow you to buy and sell bitcoin. For this reason, many stores and malls have begun to consider the prospects of hosting bitcoin ATMs within their store premises.  Hosting bitcoin ATMs at stores helps both businesses and bitcoin investors.

Bitcoin ATMs are secured and usually very easy to use. Transaction fees may vary from one bitcoin ATM service provider to another, but it is generally favourable. Another difference between bitcoin ATMs and regular cash machines is that they usually require two-factor authentication- first, you will need to verify your phone number via SMS code, then your identity will be verified via a face and fingerprint scan, and palm vein scan in some cases.

Bitcoin ATMs attract more customers to stores: One key benefit of hosting a bitcoin ATM at your store is that it can help to attract more customers. With the growing awareness and popularity of bitcoin, your store will be on the radar of businesses that offer this service. It will help your business serve a diverse customer base of tech enthusiasts and non-techy individuals.

Builds your store’s reputation: Hosting a bitcoin ATM at your store will boost the image and reputation of your business. Your store will be referred to as a progressive one that supports technology and innovation.

Extra Income: While the income you will earn from a bitcoin ATM may not be high enough to run it as a standalone business, it is a great source of extra income.

Free advertising and marketing: If your store hosts a bitcoin ATM and bitcoin enthusiasts discover it, you can be certain that they will talk about it on their social networks. People will share stories about the store that offers great products and services with their friends and family.

If you have made the decision to host a bitcoin ATM at your store, and you are looking for a bitcoin ATM company, Satoshipoint.io might just be the company that you are looking for.