Are you tired after working the whole week and are probably looking for a relaxing weekend? Well, in New York City we all know that for a perfect weekend, all you need is a perfect Brunch. Too lazy to get up for an early morning breakfast and too desperate to wait for the official lunch time, we all love having brunches which helps us in having a proper appetite and a bit of a taste of literally anything and everything one can wish for on a weekend! Whether you are a tourist and want to know why New Yorkers are obsessed with brunches or whether you are simply looking for some Top Brunch Spots in NYC, we have it all. Here are some of our top picks for the brunch that you will cherish for a lifetime:

  1. Cafe Mogador:

It might come to you as a shock that our first and foremost pick is of a place which offers Moroccan food and you might not love the idea of having it specifically for brunch, but all you need is to try it once and then you will know why we opted for none other than this place called Cafe Mogador. They offer a variety of items and all of them being made from fresh ingredients as they are one of the most important rules of this place. The perfect brunch that they offer in the neighborhood of east village will not be way too heavy for your stomach and much healthier for your appetite when compared to the previous brunch experiences that you may have had in your life.

  1. Jacob’s Pickles:

No it’s not just about pickles; the name is there to confuse you. However, the art of pickle is surely used here in order to make every meal a different and enticing experience for you. People at Jacob understand the love for food and the craft of making it as appealing and fulfilling as possible, one of the reasons why you would never regret going there with your family or loved one to have a perfect brunch day. It is said that you first eat food with eyes, then with nose and then you finally continue with the process of eating it. It feels like Jacob’s Pickles not only fill your stomach up but also satisfy your eyes by the attractive food and the aroma that will be a part of your senses for a long time. If you are bad at controlling mood swings and may not like the basic brunch dishes on a Sunday, no need to worry. The variety offers much more than biscuits, sandwiches, and egg meals, like you may want to try out the utterly delicious Mac and Cheese this weekend for brunch.

  1. Lo Cafe:

Good people deserve good food. This cafe in East Williamsburg will make sure to provide you with the best and most unique meal that you have ever had. The reason being the fact that it is a family owned restaurant and promises the feeling of home from the point you arrive their while also maintaining the aura of a perfect restaurant. The recipes come directly from the house’s kitchen which you may not be able to experience anywhere else as they are special. People at C. Lo believe in sharing this private and special feeling with all of you, from banana bread to cold brew coffee, it’s all homemade and quite healthy as their philosophy moves around serving delicious food that has no adverse effect on your health. The catering services that they offer are also worth mentioning, you will see it yourself once you visit this place.

  1. The Wild Son:

Health should be your first priority and members at wild son make sure that they help you keep it at best. With assured delicacy that you will find in the brunch menu, it will also be a healthy meal which includes vegetables and grains without compromising on the taste. Another quality of this restaurant is the location; the neighborhood is what helps you to feel alive with the light and comforting aura of the restaurant. The variety of beverages that they offer will leave you in awe, whether it is the about fresh juices, beer, organic wines or perfect cocktails which would compliment your meal, they cover it all. Do visit Wild Son to have an amazing brunch experience of American food in the neighborhood of Meatpacking district.

  1. Queens Comfort:

Bringing the best quality food to the neighborhood of Astoria was the primary reason why Queens Comfort restaurant was founded in 2011. The original recipes are certainly not the only thing you will cherish, Queens make sure to offer the comfort that its name promises. The homely feeling and the welcoming staff makes a simple brunch memorable for you and your loved ones. The affordable price of the food which comes along with special discounts has always been one of the reasons why it is almost always filled with loving customers. The list of dishes available is a long one and you can rest assured that once you step in; you would have a desire to taste everything that is there on the menu, from egg Benedicts with Cajun-inspired shrimp and fried tilapia versions to the amazing desert of peanut butter and jelly bread pudding served with a side of whipped cream, they offer everything that one can wish for.

Brunches have always been a way to go, whether it is because of being lazy or just to try out something new. Specifically in New York, it is like a religion, one cannot ignore it and so it is always better to have options on your list because life is all about experimenting and experiencing. We hope that this list will help you in adding on some new flavors and colors to your life. If you are a tourist, you will relish it until you come again and if you are a regular New Yorker, let’s try and make that Sunday special.