Whether you’re waiting for your next business venture or you simply want to make a few extra bucks on the side, playing online games for real money could leave you in the black. Some of the best ways to win real money by playing online games is to go for casino games.

Whether you decide to opt for poker tournaments, spinning slot reels, or playing keno online for real money, there’s an abundance of choices. Although some claim that games like real money keno or blackjack can bring you huge amounts of money, others prefer to rely on progressive jackpots. Whichever game turns out to be your cup of tea, you can find out more info about them on the CasinoUSA site.

Yet, before anything, it’s best to keep reading to find out which games are worth playing if you want to win big.



If you lack experience with poker, it might be best to try out a few free online poker games before you invest your hard-earned money. While you’re at it, try your hand at a few different variants so that you can decide which poker game best suits you. If you have trouble deciding, some of the favorites include Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Three Card Poker, and Five Card Draw.

Once you’re confident with your skills, you can move on to play poker for real money. Playing with real money gives you a sense of motivation as opposed to playing free versions of the game. You will have to rely on your knowledge and employ some strategies to win.

Bear in mind that playing poker for real money against the casino and against other players is not the same thing. You will have higher chances of winning when you play against real people.



As opposed to poker, keno is a relatively simple game to play. You won’t need to rely on any strategies or invest a lot of your time into perfecting your keno skills. What’s more, you don’t need any experience to play keno for real money, so you can jump right in.

The thing about keno is that luck is your best friend. What you need to do to win is choose your numbers, mark them on a slip, and place your bet. Make sure to watch as your numbers get picked and mark them off on your slip. If you have a few hits, you’ll probably win some money. If you’ve successfully picked all the numbers, you might just have been born under a lucky star.



If you want to look cool while playing a big buck game, blackjack should be your game of choice. It is one of the most frequently featured casino games in blockbuster movies and is relatively straightforward. The goal of the game is to get closer to 21 than the dealer without going over. Although you can rely on some blackjack strategies, luck also plays an important role here.

Remember to keep a cool head when playing blackjack for real money. It’s easy to get carried away as you might think that you’re just a step away from beating the dealer. However, note that if the dealer beats you, you’ll lose your entire stake.

Yet, it’s not all that black. Players that manage to get the blackjack with a 10-value card plus an ace will get a higher payout.



When it comes to slots, there are a plethora of options you can pick from. The right slot for you depends on your preferences, experience level, and the size of your budget. If you’re not sure which slot is the best choice for you, try some free versions before you invest money.

Some of the most popular real money slots include classic video slots, Vegas-style slots, and progressive jackpots. From there, you can pick and choose among various popular themes, such as fruit slots, movie-themed, music-themed, ancient Egypt, Norse mythology, adventure, aliens and space, and so much more.

Although you can’t use any strategy to win, you’ll get help in the form of bonus features. That means you’ll get to use free spins, wilds, multipliers, and other bonuses, to help you advance in the game and win big.