In this post, we will be discussing the reasons why you should use Unity to learn game design.

I think everyone will agree with me when I say,

It is extremely challenging and hard to design an app or a game.

With growing competition and demands, designing is not as easy as it used to be. Yet, you can learn app and game design with the help of Unity without any trouble.

So, read this post until the end to know why this is the best game engine.

What Is Unity?

Unity is a game engine that makes game development user-friendly and hassle-free. For those who don’t know, a game engine is a software that offers the required set of tools and features for developing games efficiently and quickly.

This gaming platform is among the best as it helps developers by providing excellent gameplay options and some other fantastic features. It has a simple user interface that makes it easy to use. Using this game development software, you can develop games for various platforms. For instance, you can make games for iOS, PC, and Android.

Whether you are a professional or a student of the school for game design, Unity is a wonderful software that will help make game and app designing worry-free.

If you are still not convinced why you should use Unity, following we have highlighted some of the reasons for using Unity.

Reasons to Use Unity for Game Development

Let’s face it, learning game development is a long and daunting process. It can prove to be overwhelming because you have to learn asset manipulation, programming, and editing.

To make it help learn game development or app design, the Unity game development platform was created. It offers several free and inexpensive content that you can use while creating your game. There are many popular games made using Unity like Deus Ex: The Fall, Rust, and Temple Run.

The game engines like Unity have several benefits. Here are some of the reasons for using Unity.

No Coding Required

Most of the coding is done for you, this means you can focus on the story, content, level layouts, etc. in a better way. This framework helps in decreasing cost, time-to-market, and complexity of developing a game.

It will help in bringing together different core aspects. This software will allow you to import assets, art both 2D and 3D. With the help of this game engine, you can organize the assets into environments and various scenes.

Moreover, you can easily add special effects, lighting, interactivity, animation, and gameplay logic. By using Unity, you can debug, optimize, and even edit the content for your target audience and platforms.

Provides Unique Gaming Experience

One of the reasons to use Unity is to provide your audience with an exceptional experience. Using this game engine, your game can have immersive and relaxing sounds. It will enable you to create rewarding and great gameplay. You will have time to focus on the stories and challenges.

Hence, Unity makes it simple and easy to learn app development or game design. You will be able to create great games with excellent user experience even if you are a novice.

Excellent Graphics

Another reason for using Unity is the improvement in graphics. Nowadays, the graphics of the games are stunning and striking. And keeping up with the fantastic graphics can be a time-consuming and challenging task. This is where Unity comes in handy. The graphics of your game will be outstanding that will facilitate the game production.

It will even make importing assets from various platforms less time-consuming. So, you will not have to wait a long time.

This game engine will offer an architecture that has high-performance rendering abilities. You can have access to fast graphics API. In this way, you can provide excellent visuals for your game.

If you have trouble using this software, Unity 3D Tutorials can help you use it without any hassles.

Excellent Visual Editor

Unity is an excellent game engine that features an easy to use the visual editor. This will enable you to create and modify your project in the fastest manner. All you have to do is drag the object and check how they behave under new changes. This game development platform will allow you to run the game to see how the final look will be. To increase the productivity of your game, you can have access to specialized plugins and tools.

Can Be Connected Across Different Platforms

Networking is a critical aspect of games in recent times. Every player wants and loves to connect with their family and friends in an app or a game. Whether you are developing a game on any console, PC, or mobile, it is a crucial feature of your game.

We all know, networking requires plenty of server power. This can include complicated and complex processes and workflows. Here Unity can prove to be helpful. It has scriptable components, workflows, and APIs, which are useful for optimizing the game for multiplayer and online.

With Unity, you can learn how to make games that support multiple platforms. It will enable you to learn how to make games for different platforms. Through this game engine, you can even learn how to design stages of the games.

Porting to the next stage is an arduous task. However, with Unity, it is a less challenging task. Because it allows you to combine the interesting components of all the levels into the next stage. This makes the game a lot more interesting.

Different Scripting Languages

A good thing about Unity is that you can use three scripting languages. This makes it easy to learn about app development and game design. JavaScript, Boo, and C# can be used while developing a game. With the help of these languages, quick iteration and compilation are possible. It provides flexibility in game design.

Asset Store Offers a Wide Range of Collection

The Unity Asset Store has an array collection for making your game more interesting. You can easily develop a game without getting stuck when creating buildings, characters, backdrops, and much more. In this way, you can learn how to make your characters, environments, and backgrounds unique.

The Asset Store also has a collection of audios from which you can create immersive sounds for your game. Additionally, you can even sell custom-made content in the store and earn money.

Great Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Every game has a unique graphical user interface that fits in with the theme of the game. Unity comes with a tool that allows you to make your graphics user interfaces like drop-down menus, buttons, and sliders. You can have a GUI that blends in with the art direction, narrative, and game theme.

If you still have a problem using this software, Unity 3D tutorials will help you use it properly.

Scripting is Made Stress-Free

The script of the game is the most important aspect of a game. That is why designers have to spend plenty of time on having the perfect script. To make things easy for you, Unity has pre-build scripts. This makes it easy for you to control the camera, animation system, and relationship between the game components.

Amazing Sound

Unity has made game development simple and easy. One of the most important aspects of a game is audio. Making your sound is, without a doubt, an exciting and interesting part of game development.

However, it can take a lot of time. Instead, you can use sound assets from Unity. This will enable you to mix both, your creation, and sound assets. This will help in providing amazing and immersive sound.

Through Unity, you can integrate the sounds smoothly and seamlessly. It will make it easy to place sounds correctly and creatively in the game context. The game engine also makes it stress-free to assign sounds to different events in a way that is according to your vision.

Easy to Use

The best thing about Unity is that it is easy to use. Unlike, other game development platforms, you will not have any difficulty using it. Unity is easy to understand, and you will not need any expert help or a supervisor. However, if you still need any help, Unity 3D tutorials are on the web to help you use all the features of the platform.

Tutorials Available

One of the reasons to use Unity is that there are a plethora of tutorials and training videos available on the internet, making it easy to learn app development. So, you don’t have anything to worry about as it makes learning simple and hassle-free.

Thanks to the tutorials, you can learn game design at your own pace. You can practice when you have time or whenever you like.

Handles Physical Stimulation

When you learn app development through Unity, you will not have to worry about physical stimulation. This game engine will handle it for you. It means you will not have to code every move or collision between your game elements. It eliminates the need for you to do coding, making it easy and simple to use. This enables you to create an object that will behave in the way you want with just a few lines of coding.

Use It Professionally

A wonderful thing about Unity is that you can use it professionally as well. Many of the gaming studios like Obsidian, Ubisoft, Square Enix, and many others are using Unity. So, when you use Unity for learning game design, you will become proficient at using it. This will help you perform well in your professional life.

Using Unity is Free

Unity is a free game engine that will enable you to develop a full version of games without having to incur any costs. This software helps in quickly develop a game with a wonderful script, great visual fidelity, and enchanting sound. In addition, you can easily understand how to create an exciting game thanks to the online Unity 3D tutorials.

Though you can even use the Pro version, many people use Unity to learn and create app development using the free version.

Supportive and Knowledgeable Community

A great reason for using Unity to learn game design is the community support you get. No doubt, the game development process is tricky. And without support from experienced developers, you cannot sort it all out. More than 2 million designers and developers use Unity. This makes it trouble-free to manage the programming hurdles in more than one way.

Besides, you can even share your experience, your disappointments with the developers anytime. The community will help you resolve the problems efficiently. In the community, you can search for the testers and designers as well.

You can even ask questions, seek guidance, help others, talk about best practices, and show off as well.

Final Verdict

Even if you are going to school for game design, Unity can be an indispensable tool when it comes to developing an app or a game. Now, during the COVID-19 pandemic, you can learn app and game development while sitting at home using Unity 3D tutorials.

Unity is an excellent game development platform that will make it easy to develop a game. Long gone are the days when you had to spend months or years to come up with a user-friendly and exciting game. Using Unity, you can quickly and efficiently create a game with an outstanding user experience.

With the help of Unity, you will be able to learn new skills at every step of the process. By the end, you will know skills through which you can bring your assets to life without any trouble. This will allow you to learn game development at your own pace. Unity will provide access to tools and resources that will bring your ideas and art to life. You can learn new skills and techniques that will increase the quality and appeal of your creations.

In the comments below, let us know why you will be using Unity for learning game design.