The intercom system is a particular two-way communication device designed to transmit and receive audio or audio-video information. Installing an intercom in a residential apartment can effectively secure the apartment and make communication more convenient. Today, intercom system has gradually become an essential part of your villa, house, apartment.


What is a 2-wire intercom system?

2-wire intercom system use the two-wire non-polarised technology, which means its requires only two wires to connect the outdoor station and indoor monitor. It is easy to install and easy to use. Also, they offer additional features such as image capture, lowered interference, or excellent sound quality.


What are the main reasons why you should use a 2-wire intercom system in residential apartments?

#1 Security needs

The most important reason why one needs to install a 2-wire intercom system is the advanced security the intercom system offers. It links the external front door unit with the internal in-house device. So, when someone rings the doorbell, you can easily observe who’s knocking at your door and decide whether to talk with him or even open your door for him without running to the door. Depending on the type of 2-wire intercom system you choose, you can either have a video or audio talk with your visitor.


#2 Preventing unwanted visitors

Another reason why you should have a 2-wire video intercom system in your apartment is that you can manage the visitors you have. If you don’t want to be bothered by a salesperson or a promoter, you can simply hang the indoor monitor of the the 2-wire intercom.


#3 Comfort boost

Residential apartments can benefit significantly from a 2-wire intercom system. It allows easy access via its user-friendly interface, namely, you will have to do nothing more than touch a button to speak or unlock a door. It is surely a great way to save your time and energy to answer your door for unnecessary visitors.


Who offers the best 2-wire video intercom system in the market?

GVS has a wide range of intercom solutions for residential apartments and commercial buildings. With its 20 years expertise in the field, you definitely can get the best 2-wire intercom system and also IP intercom system.

We strongly recommend GVS’ 2-wire video door phone due to the exciting and useful features which include:

  • The T Series at GVS contain 2-wire analog video phone solutions that are both stable and cost effective.
  • This 2-wire intercomsupports both audio and video exchange;
  • It allows excellent control, and boosts the security of any residential apartment;
  • It can offer CCTV surveillance options;
  • It works perfectly with up to 128 indoor monitors, three outdoor stations, and its function excellently up to 160 meters from door station to the last monitor;
  • The 2-wire video outdoor stationis designed to a combination of durable aluminum faceplate and a 7” touch panel, which means it’s a beautiful thing while it’s tough enough to be outside of your door. The system also allows connecting analog cameras to secure your house or apartments. Also, the GUI customization is flexible, while the main page can be designed as a keypad or name list structure. The name list feature can be installed via a 2-wire bus.

In addition to these system features, GVS also has also their own idea for the DIY market – the Way-2-Easy Intercom Kit. As there’re lots of geek players in the intercom market or sometimes people do not want to pay to hire a professional installer, they turn to find something which they can “play by themselves”, the Way-2-Easy Intercom Kit has offered them with a good chance.


To sum up, considering all these features, it will definitely be wise to choose a 2-wire video intercom system for your residential apartment from GVS. The benefits in security and safety are far more than the price you pay. Start from now, contact GVS and try out their latest 2-wire video intercom system, for a better and safer life.