Not every user wants to enter his own email address when registering on social media websites or internet forums. Email addresses are a kind of a private thing, because nobody likes to see spam in their inboxes.

Is there any way out? One of the answers is a disposable email address. There are providers of such services that generate them automatically. And that’s why these emails are prone to theft. They are not password-protected.

But you can use virtual phone numbers when, for example, you need to register another page on a social media website.


OnlineSIM service has its proprietary hardware and software with SIM-cards. This system allows users to get their own online SIM-card for receiving registration codes, including from the country of the Netherlands. When users register on social media websites they get a text message in SMS in their accounts. You just need to copy your virtual phone number and paste it to the registration form on your Google registration page, or Facebook. And you can register on some of Netherland websites like,,,,,, etc.

You can do it with free disposable phone numbers. But there’s an option of renting a virtual phone number. You can do it in a specific section on the OnlineSIM website. Then you’ll be able to rent a virtual phone number for an unlimited period and receive sms code online. You can receive an unlimited number of SMS messages from any website or app.

If for whatever reason you haven’t received an SMS in your account then you can replace the phone number.

Receive Sms-Online.Com

The website offers its users an opportunity to use a virtual phone number for registration. You can select your number from the list of free numbers. It’s completely free. The only drawback is that their secondary domain server often crashes. When this happens you won’t be able to use the service.

FreeOnlinePhone. Org

It’s a good website that allows you to receive confirmation codes online. According to the site owners, they offer their users phone numbers from more than 200 countries. You can use any phone number from the offered list, but some of them don’t work. However, you can replace it. It won’t take long.

This is a similar website. Users can pick 5 American phone numbers and 3 Britain ones to get their text messages online. But there is a catch: text messages often come with a delay.

According to the website, users can select a number from the list and then receive a code in SMS. It’s as simple as that.