Electric scooters and bikes always seem like a heavy investment to make; but when you compare it with other vehicles and their regular costs of fuel, insurance and their maintenance, the bikes seem like a much sensible option to go for. Keeping in view the advantages you get from electric bikes; their cost seems to pay for itself overtime when you get to know its excellent usage. You can check this article for the ideal features and best possible option till you decide on one.

1.     Ancheer Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike

Ancheer comes in a rich black colour theme and has this sophisticated and simple approach in terms of appearance that makes it look like art. This electric bike consists of Aluminium alloy frame which is extremely lightweight as well as strong enough to last long. The frame is supported by a carbon steel front suspension fork along with alloy double walled rims which reduces the chances of you dragging and enables you to go faster.

Ancheer has a hidden battery that resembles to the shape of a large water bottle perhaps and is very easy to take off and put on the frame. The best part about it is that it consists of two modes, electric assist power or throttle. Apart from this, the electric bike comes with mechanical brakes and Shimano speed gear system.


2.    Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 Electric Mountain Bike

The Cyclamatic Power Plus is designed specifically keeping the comfort of its users in mind. Riding the CX1 is very easy, and the bike itself is very efficient. You can switch from manual mode to pedal assist, and as soon as you are paddling the 250 W motor comes in to speed up your travelling much more than a regular bike. CX1 has a fully sealed battery to resist all types of weather conditions; it also has a fitted padded saddle, a front fork suspension, and a Shimano hear shift system to ensure you ride smoothly.


3.    Nakto Cargo Electric Bicycle

The Nakto Cargo Electric Bicycle is made up of very strong carbon steel frame. This steel frame is very light in weight as well as manoeuvrable. The frame is coupled along with a high-strength Carbon Steel front fork suspension which resists shocks and absorbs them to give you a safe and smooth ride. This electric bicycle is powered by a 250W motor which boosts your travelling by 100 percent!

The Nakto Bicycle works on two modes; pedal assist and throttle. So, keeping in mind your weight, if you are riding uphill, you may need to paddle, but with electric assistance of your bicycle, the ride would seem much easier.


4.    Merax Aluminium Electric Mountain Bike

The Merax Electric Bike is especially designed for mountains and hilly areas where the roads are steep and rocky. This bike features an aluminium alloy frame along with a high strength carbon metal front fork suspension. This combo makes this electric bike one of the most durable, lightweight as well as smooth bikes to give you the ideal ride. Not only this, Merax is also one of the very affordable electric bikes. But it’s low cost does not mean that it comes cheap and is less than any other bikes, actually it is one of the strongest bikes! That is because Merax comes equipped with a brushless 350W rear hub motor! Now you can travel double, triple the times faster than a regular bike.

5.     Swagtron SwagCycle EB-5 Folding Bike

Swagtron EB-5 is an electric folding bike that features triple fold design. This kind of design makes it extremely useful for its easy portability. The Swagtron Bike is extremely light in weight and is made of the highest quality aluminium alloy. This bike, like many others in the list consist of 250W rear hub motor powered by a 36V Lithium-Ion Battery. The bike seat and handlebars are easily adjustable and can also be adjusted from up to down to 360 degrees in a twist which helps your wrists to be at rest while you are riding.

6.    Ecotric Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

The Ecotric Folding Electric Bike is comparatively heavier than a Swagtron Folding Electric Bike, but its removable battery makes it up for being easily disconnected and being carried around. Ecotric Bike is made with quality materials and a long-lasting battery, that works through a strong and powerful motor. This is a 500W brushless geared motor with 36V 12Ah Lithium cell batteries in a sealed removable pack. We can say that the Ecotric Electric Bike is a beast in its working because of its amazing power, it is actually ideal for off-road riding whether it’s on the beach, in the mountains or even snow.


7.     Ecotric Fat Tire Electric Bike

Ecotric Fat Tire is literally the most expensive bike on your list. But the cost of the bike comes with its reasons. The Ecotric Fat Tire is amazingly strong and powerful and runs on a 500 W hub motor connected to a 36V/12AH Lithium cell battery. The battery of course is removable, so you can just disconnect it and bring it into your home or even your office to recharge. Much like other electric bikes, this bike also comes with two modes that are pedal assist and throttle. The throttle mode allows you to ride at a top speed of 23 mph which makes it the fastest electric bike in the list. Ecotric Fat Tire is very unique in bikes because of its capability to work in the mud, snow, mountains or sand This king of design makes the bikes very easy to ride and are also ideal for every situation. This bike is made of very lightweight aluminium alloy frame and ability to support riders up to 260 lbs.


The Bottom Line

Now that you have read a list of the best electric bikes, it is your time to pick out what features you prefer the most, what budget you have so you can choose your ideal bike.