There is no denying the fact that hiring professional cleaning services for carpet cleaning helps in taking off some of your worries. But, even misconceptions and wrong notions are rife even when it comes to something as basic and necessary as carpet cleaning. From believing that carpet cleaning is purely for aesthetics to considering steam cleaning as just an option, people have all kinds of wrong ideas when it comes to hiring cheap cleaning services in Perth. So, today let’s take a look at top six of those misconceptions and banish them once and for all.

  1. Wait as long as you can before cleaning the carpets

Believe it or not, your carpets are designed to hide the dirt. In fact, some of the weaves are able to hide nearly a pound of dirt in a square foot of carpet before it even becomes noticeable. Each time you step on the carpet, you end up grinding the soil in the fibers and when you let it continue for an extended time, the fibers will be damaged to the extent that the carpet looks dingy.

  1. It is all just for improving the appearance of the carpets

The carpet needs to be cleaned first for health purposes, and then for their appearance. The carpets in your home are like giant filters that end up trapping all kinds of toxins, pathogens, bio pollutants, volatile organic compounds, and more. These chemicals get picked up by your shoes, tracked into your office or home, and deposited in the carpet. You would not want the indoor air quality to be affected by having a dirty carpet.

  1. The cleaning company only needs to get the right equipment

You surely know someone or the other who has got that latest model of a computer without even knowing its use. The same thing applies to clean companies. There is no point in having all the latest equipment if they do not have expert employees who know how to use it. There are companies whose employees hardly receive basic training before being put to work. Thus, it is extremely important that you choose the right carpet cleaning company.

  1. Steam cleaning carpets is not really necessary

Though there are a couple of methods for carpet cleaning, there is nothing that beats the effectiveness of steam cleaning. Carpet steam cleaning Melbourne helps in removing trapped pollutants, clearing out dust mite infestations, preventing the growth of molds, and thus, extending the carpet life. So, in spite of all the alternatives of steam cleaning that are there, steam cleaning is still a necessity for your carpets.

  1. Go for the company that quotes the lowest prices

The company that quotes the lowest prices is not necessarily the one that offers the best services. A company that has proper insurance, used well-trained employees, and uses the best cleaning tools will offer services at competitive prices. It is the price that you will have to pay to get the best services out there, and that certainly will not come at the cheapest rates.

  1. Any honest company will give you an exact price quote over the phone

An honest company will be able to offer you an estimated quote over the phone but never the exact amount. The prices depend on a variety of factors, like the area of the carpet, type of carpet, the soil levels in it, its conditions, and so on. The professionals house cleaning perth will have to see the carpet for themselves before reaching a conclusion. A well-reputed company will not try to lure you in by quoting cheap prices, only to increase the price later on.

So, now that all your misconceptions have been cleared and you are looking for a competent company to help in cleaning your carpets, get in touch with Bull18 Cleaners today and start the work early.