Top Things to Do When in Idaho

Idaho is wild, carefree and nature at its best. Else why would you have been looking at the travel plans, right? It is perfect for families and couples who are looking at a quick, short getaway without planning too much. You can plan your stay with some great vacation rentals in Idaho. If you are in Idaho for a long weekend or have been wanting to visit with friends or family, then you are in luck. Read more about things to do when in Idaho right here, right now.


  1. Sandpoint

Sandpoint is in the largest town of Idaho called Bonner County. Sandpoint has everything you need for a family location: eateries, small markets and reliable accommodations at fair price points. The hiking trails that lead to iconic vistas of the place nestled between mountain ranges: Pend Oreille, Schweitzer mountain and Sun Valley. The food connoisseurs can enjoy the acclaimed and rewarding dining scene. For the adventurous lot, there is swimming, hiking, rock climbing whereas of the art lovers, there is an overwhelming art and entertainment calendar to keep them in awe.


  1. Donn Aslett Museum of Clean

Museum of Clean in Potecallo, Idaho Old town spread across seventy-five thousand square feet with over six floors. The museum houses more than five thousand clean artifacts from Donn Aslett’s collection. Author of several books, Mr. Aslett (or do we call him Mr. Clean?) is often around to give you a personal tour of his collection. Now, how cool is that? With over fifty odd activities, what sets this museum apart from the rest is the fact that there is “no touching” rule out here. It aims to teach the value of cleanliness, hygiene, and organization in a very hands-on way. Adults and seniors also will enjoy this place. How many sixty-pound vacuum cleaners are around in our daily lives now after all!


  1. Miracle and Banbury Hot Springs

Miracle and Banbury Hot Springs charts amongst the most visited and most important items on a travel itinerary when visiting Idaho. They have numerous private and VIP pools that are cleaned after every use. Clearly, hygiene is not a concern here. It is cozy, warm and the temperatures can be customized depending on your needs. Water bodies, in general, are a popular choice amongst family vacations and this place takes it to a whole new level.


  1. City of Rocks National Reserve

The great American southwest region altogether is famous for the rocky roads and keeping nature intact in the most pristine condition. The City of Rock is located in the southern parts of Idaho, around two miles away from Utah. The remote villages link to distant ranches. The top things to do here include hiking, rock climbing, and camping. It is a popular choice amongst trailheads who are constantly on the lookout for another beautiful sunrise or sunset.


  1. Shoshone Falls

The Shoshone falls stand at 212 feet high, higher than the Niagara Falls. The available options for recreation in the area include hiking, trailing, picnic spots, swimming and what not. The picnic spots are an added vantage point since it provides an exhilarating view of the scenic beauty of the place.


  1. Hell’s Canyon National Recreation Area

Straddled between either side of the Snake River in Oregon and Idaho, this recreation area includes the Hells Canyon Wilderness, Windy saddle and black lake to name a few. It features dramatic changes in vegetation, climate and altitude. Their major trails can be accessed via Riggins. It also offers remote whitewater boating, fishing and vistas of peaks amongst vast stretches of wilderness.


  1. Sawtooth National Recreation Area

Idaho is a hiker’s paradise and Sawtooth Recreation Area is the heart of the matter. Spread over approximately eight hundred thousand acres of land, it has over forty peaks at a height of ten thousand feet and seven hundred miles of hiking trails. Other than that, it also has camping grounds, fishing and mountain biking. Okay, scratch hiker’s paradise, we can safely rename this as adventure lover’s paradise.


  1. Old Idaho Penitentiary State Historic Site

The Old Idaho Penitentiary State Historic Site or Old Pen as the localites call it, is a museum in Idaho. This prison museum is believed to have housed the local criminals from 1870’s to 1970’s. The visitors can see the gallows, the cell blocks and the solitary confinement cells that was in place for over a century. Some like to believe that the place was haunted.


  1. Sun Valley Resort

Sun Valley resort in Idaho attracts skiers and skiing enthusiasts from all over America because of its outstanding infrastructure and facilities for both beginners, experts and people with experience anywhere between the extremes. Both the Dollar Mountain and Bald Mountain offer skiing facilities. A Nordic Center caters to the needs of snowshoers and cross-country skiers.


  1. Craters of the Moon National Monument

Located in South of Arco, the Craters of the Moon National Monument in Southwestern part of Idaho, the landscape is created by the volcanic eruptions more than two thousand years ago. Though they haven’t erupted in the last two millennia, they are still geologically active. The seven caves in Idaho are a huge contrast to the scorching heat outside. Free passes to explore the caves can be obtained at the main entrance.


Enjoy a quiet stay in this small city that is well connected to other states and presents a whole new avenue for exploring the wilderness. Our picks make it only easier for you!,


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