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To earn credits in scholarly essays, proper grammar and timely delivery of work is paramount. Since we are human, we are susceptible to error thus may compromise the quality of work. However, thanks to development in artificial intelligence, you can let online tools for essay writing do the hard task for you and deliver quality content.

Although having variety is excellent, the number of writing tools for any type of essay writing available in the market can get confusing.  For an easy time selecting an app for essay assistance, we prepared a list of top essay writing tools in the market.

If you are looking for essay guidance and support, however, consult professional curators with prowess in essay writing. While at this, you need to ask one question: Who can I trust to write my essay?  For this, ensure that you contract curators who possess a substantial amount of experience and charge you pocket-friendly prices.

To go about this with ease, we divided the tools into productivity apps and editing apps for essays.


Grammar editing apps

  1. Grammarly

To mention tools for editing grammar without mentioning Grammarly would be biased. Given its long-term existence and relevant features, Grammarly remains the best grammar editing app.

With language being a decisive factor in whether or not you ace your essay, you cannot afford to err. For this, Grammarly uses AI (artificial intelligence) to check your essay and pinpoint on mistakes. To ensure that you use relevant vocabulary, Grammarly gives you alternative words to use thus acing excellent scores from essay writing.

What gives Grammarly a competitive edge, however, is the plagiarism checker that comes with the tool.  This ensures that you write original essays thus avoiding losing marks to plagiarism. Unlike its counterparts, Grammarly can be linked to writing platforms thus allowing you to correct errors instantly.

  1. Hemingway editor

When writing an essay, the aim is to keep it within an affordable range. As a result, getting a free grammar editor for writing is critical. With this in mind, Hemmingway remains the go-to application. Like the former, this app corrects grammar mistakes hence ensuring you earn your spot among best essay writers.

What makes this a unique tool for essay writing, however, is the readability function. This highlights complex sentences that require you to shorten thus making them readable.  For essays, however, ensure that you don’t lose the primary idea of a sentence in a bid to make them readable.

  1. Word counter

Observing word count can quickly be done with any editing tool. However, to notice repetition and get suggestions for replacement, Word count remains the best free tool.  Also, you can use this tool to track the keyword density of your content.

  1. Essay map

When tackling a multi-faceted topic, organizing ideas may seem impossible. As a result, you may end up poorly organizing ideas within the essay thus losing marks. For a good flow of thoughts when writing, essay map remains the ideal writing tool.

After organizing your work, you can copy the frame to your editor or print it on hard paper. To gain the most from this app, ensure that you carry adequate research on your topic thus covering all ideas of a subject.

  1. com

To prevent repetition, finding synonyms for individual words is only necessary. For this, thesaurus proves a good essay writing tool. Also, you can use this as an app for boosting your language and improving your diction.

Productivity apps

  1. Evernote

Essay ideas seem to pop when you finalize your paper, or you are far from your desk. As a result, Evernote gives you the chance to jot down ideas relevant to your topic thus creating masterpiece content.

Evernote features a to-do list that lets you organize your schedule well without missing deadlines. Unlike its counterparts, you can take audio notes with Evernote thus making it an excellent tool for essay preparation when you are on the rush. However, if you have limited time to write your content, consider getting essay writing assistance from professionals.

Since you can access it from any device, it is easy to plan ideas and know what to research even when you are away from your desk. To make it easy for you to retrieve content, Evernote has a search box where you feed your phrase, and the topic pops up.

  1. Focus writer

When writing essays, mustering all your attention and channeling it to the essay ensures that you reduce chances of error. Given the number of programs in your pc, pop-ups and messages may divide your attention.

With focus writer, you can remove all distractions and retain a full-screen writing tab. This lets you give your essay undivided attention thus earning your spurs as a writer. However, if you have a lot of essays to write, channeling all your attention to one task may seem impossible. To get quality work, engage professionals thus getting quality essays at an affordable cost.

  1. Marinara timer

Another excellent tool for essay writing is the marinara timer. This employs the Pomodoro technique and comes up with a schedule for you. To ensure that you write quality essays, the app breaks your time into twenty-five-minute sessions and alerts you to take a break after each.

This prevents your mind from getting worn out thus ensuring that your productivity is at its best. As a result, you can involve all your skills in writing your essays thus making it enjoyable.

  1. Freedom

Freedom is an app that lives up to its name. To ensure that you write your essay without disturbance, freedom allows you to block websites that frequently consume your time and have your attention.

With this, you can block social media platforms from giving you alerts thus gathering all your attention when working on your essay. To give you your money’s worth, this can be connected to multiple devices without attracting extra charges.

With these top tools for essay writing, earning your spurs as a senior student is an easy task. If you are caught up with numerous papers or you are looking to have help on writing your dissertation, consider to pay for essays. While at this, ensure that you contact professional content curators thus getting well-written articles.

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