Top Trending Sex Toys Of 2020

Sex toys industry has evolved itself alot in recent time all over the world. We have seen a wide increase in sales and love towards sex toys. With an access to sex toys, people have shown their keen interest in it. The online portals of sex toys have made it easy for everyone to finally buy sex toys and accomplish his/her sexual desires. On basis of recent sales graph on Naughty Nights we have portrayed a list of top 8 sex toys people have loved the most.


Irena I Smartphone Controlled Vibrator

Distant by geographical barriers but connected by Irena I Smartphone Controlled Vibrator. Now you can actually feel your partner even when he is not there. This smartphone controlled vibrator works with an application that you and your partner will have in their respective phones. Now when either of you want, you can turn on the vibrations with your preferred vibration pattern. You can choose from pre installed patterns on application or customize one for yourself.


Mars Strap on Dildo

The most realistic strap-on dildos ever. Mars has designed the most premium strap-on dildos fulfilling the needs of everyone. There are 2 major types of strap-on dildos available, the hollow dildos for men to wear on a real penis or the solid dildos for women to use with women or men. Both the types are very realistic and crafted with lifelike details on it. The veins on dildo makes it feel just like a real penis when inserted inside.


Vibrating Penis Ring

No doubt people loved this masterpiece. It is because cock rings come with so many benefits for men. The premium quality double ring has 2 holes to fit on both sides of balls. It controls the blood flow in penis to give you a rock hard erection and delay in ejaculation. Also the vibrating bullet on top enhances sex experience for both the partners.


Lovely Foreskin Dildo

It is the 7 inch big penis dildo recommended by all the realistic dildo lovers. Foreskin Uncut Realistic Dildo is crafted with all the possible realistic characteristics. It is made of silicone and has an added suction cup at the bottom for hands free use. The soft pair of balls makes it look more realistic.


Licker Sucker Vibrating Egg For Couples

Many female prefers buying USB sex toys so they never have to worry about battery outrage. The Wireless Fish Vibrator is one of the most popular female sex toys. The idea of using vibrators in public woke up naughty desires of many couples and single females. The user can put the whole vibrator inside the vagina and then control it with a wireless remote.


Fleshlight Girls

Your favorite porn stars can not be available for everyone but you can still get what you want with these fleshlights. Fleshlights resemble the exact structure of a particular vagina. There are different fleshlights dedicated to some world famous porn stars. The fleshlight has the same color, same shape, same internal textures as her real vagina. It is made of silicone and fits right on your penis.


Realistic Penis Sleeve

Penis sleeves are the reusable condoms with added benefits. The Realistic Penis Sleeve is a silicone made stretchable double hole sleeve that wraps around your penis and balls. This magical sleeve will give you an instant 2 inch of added length to your penis. You will gain rock hard erection and the control in blood flow will delay in ejaculation.


Anal Plug

Anal plugs are loved all over the world by both men and women. It helps you exploring new limits and add some spice in your sex life. While everyone is talking about g-spot stimulation, anal plug users have stated anal stimulation to be their best experience. People are always concerned about using anal toys but we highly suggest you to take this chance.

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