Playing through your favourite Online Slots gets pretty interesting on adding up some outstanding bonus rounds. Apart from presenting, better winning potential, it also elevates the experience of the entire gameplay due to the extraordinary sound, sights and themes.

Generally, online slots bonus rounds are classified in two categories namely Bonus in-games that share a similar theme with base game & Free spin rounds. Our intention is to provide more information to the players about the variety of the bonus games, available in online slots.

Here we will be briefing about the greatest online slots that offer bonus rounds to elevate your gaming experience and generate substantial profits. We have prepared the list on the basis of the winning potentiality, concept’s uniqueness and how they raise gamer’s interest.

We hope our list will add more dynamics and greater depth to the gameplay. Enjoy our best selective UK online slots bonus rounds and don’t forget to unfold these games at our own site.

Online Slots With Free Spins

Good Feathers- Crime Scene Free Spin

Mostly, high end 3D slot games consist of a crime theme or one animal game but Blueprint Gaming has merged these two respective slot themes in Good Feathers. The noir style soundtrack and the mafia-birds theme have crafted the wonderful gameplay. Despite being quite rare, the graphics of Good Feathers doesn’t stand second to any other slot game. 

Specially the bulk of bonus rounds and their combination makes the game even more lucrative for gamers. In case you achieve four constant wins while the cascading reels in force into action, there will be three starts in the FBI Notorious Crime column. There are certain Briefing Room features which allow you to pick any of the five random locations reflecting on the map. The consecutive bonus rounds tie themselves repeatedly to let you gamble for higher profitable bonuses.

Scudamore’s Super Stakes- Peter’s Classic Cup

The unique proposition, Scudamore’s Super Stakes consists of four jockeys and their respective horses who are ready to race on to the reels. The bonus round of this NetEnt slot which is highly appreciated is named as  Peter’s Classic Cup. There are three Trophies Scatter Symbols standing on the reels which let you choose your desired horse with specific symbol, colour and multiplier amount. As the multiplier gets on the rise the odds of the horse winning also elevates. Here are the runners for starters:


Tin Foil Hat: Symbol = J, 50x Multiplier, Colour = Blue


Gonzo’s Quest: Symbol = Q, 100x Multiplier,

Colour = Green


Berry Max: Symbol = K, 500x Multiplier

Purple, Colour = Purple


Divine Fortune: Symbol = A, 5000x Multiplier,

Colour = Red

As soon as you choose your runner they all set off for the race and the round begins. If your horse has successfully landed all the four wheels it crosses the line and moves ahead to victory. And as a result you are free to achieve the multiplier on the offer.


Online Slots With Bonus in-Games

Playtech’s Arcade Style Bonus Games

Playtech’s Dolphin cash is a great slot featured with an Arcade Style Bonus Game. As soon as the player steps forward on the reels to land three or beyond bonus symbols, it automatically unlocks the Dolphin cash bonus rounds. A fresh new window will appear where the dolphin swims in the water and the coins float around in the air. Now being a player you have to make the dolphin jump for the cash and if it manages to collect all the coins with its head, you achieve all the coins.

IGTs Wheel Of Fortune- Wheel Based Bonus Games

It’s a great example of a wheel based game which lets you achieve additional credits on spinning of the wheel. If you are lucky enough and land more than three wheels of fortune you can achieve the triple extreme spin bonus. There exist three mini wheels- Red, Yellow & Blue. Usually blue & red wheels indicate the credit amount you will win, while the yellow wheel works as a multiplier. As soon as you pick any of the three envelopes, the pointer of the wheels start to adjust themselves to certain values and get aligned. And finally, on spinning of the wheel the pointers ascertain the bonus prize.