Are you good at driving and looking up for opportunities to open the new horizons of success for you where you can earn more and live a luxurious life? This is not as difficult as you think of it because you can become a HGV driver in the UK to fulfill your dream where you can earn up to £40,000 per year. Yes! This is not a joke or not anything unachievable. If you want to know how it is possible, read the complete information below.

HGV basically stands for Heavy Goods Vehicle and the person who drives the heavy good vehicle is known as HGV driver. In United Kingdom, there are a number of marvelous opportunities for HGV drivers. In order to become the HGV driver, you must know the basics of HGV driving.

Before becoming the HGV driver, you must get the HGV training from an authorized and authentic institute or company. This training is usually done in 5 days but overall process of getting the license as a HGV driver takes up to 8-10 weeks.


Types of Licenses:

There are 4 types of HGV licenses categories that are awarded to the HGV drivers in the specific category. These are as follows:

  1. Cat C1 + E
  2. Cat C1
  3. Cat C
  4. Cat C + E

These categories differ on the basis of overall weight carrying capacities and types of vehicles under each category. You can choose from any of these four categories.

HGV Training

Training is very important in order to be a HGV driver because without it, you cannot accomplish this dream. The professional trainers are available in the U.K and around the globe to facilitate you in getting trained and becoming a professional in driving heavy goods vehicles.


Steps for Getting HGV License

  1. Medical Test

It is necessary for every driver to pass a medical test in order to verify that you are physically or internally fit and don’t have any medical conditions that could leave you at the risk of unsafe driving. For becoming a HGV driver, it is a very important step to follow.

  1. Theory Test

The theory test is taken from the potential drivers that are willing to start their profession as a driver in order to verify whether you know the basis traffic and driving rules and regulations or not. It is very important to pass this test in order to move towards further steps.

  1. Practical Training

If a person pass the medical and theory test, then he is asked to go for practical training where he can practically drive the vehicles and get experience about how to drive them in actual field or in the real time. During this time, the professional HGV drivers will give you HGV driver training and you will be analysed here whether you are capable of being a HGV driver or not.

  1. Driver CPC Training

If you pass all the tests and can drive the heavy goods vehicles now, you may need to get the Driver CPC training which stands for Certificate of Professional Competence. It is related to the permission of driving the certain types of vehicles such as lorry, heavy trucks etc.

If you pass all the tests and meets the criteria of becoming a HGV Driver, you will have a number of splendid opportunities for practicing your career as a HGV Driver. The best thing about this is that you become capable to earn the best salary packages ever, especially in the UK where there is shortage of HGV Drivers.

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