Email was not designed for sending large files, and almost all mail servers will only allow attachments of 10 MB. Yahoo and Gmail will allow up to 20 MB, but if you have a large email to send, such as a group of photos, video files or other large attachments, the email will not go through. There are various methods to email large files.


How to transfer files

owsend is one of the most used file-sharing solutions. Along with the simplicity of usage, owsend lets the users share large files of almost any format. With the free service, you can share the files up to 8 GB over owsend at a time, which is way more than the most of the traditional email attachment size.


For example, if you need to share QuickBooks file that exceeds the attachment size limitations of email, owsend provides you a simple and quick option.


In this article, we are going to discuss how to share a file that is available on your local system for free and without any registration.



Step 1 :Open a browser


Step 2 :Go to the address bar and type and hit Enter


Step 3 :Click on select files. Locate the file that you want to upload and click open.


Step 4 :Click on “share files”. This will upload your file and you will get a download link to download the file.


nb : to share files via mail just click on settings and after that click on email



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