Treasure Hunting Has Never Been Easier / GoldenEye review

Don’t you sometimes wish you had been born a few centuries ago, back when the world was still largely uncharted, and treasures were plentiful? Believe it or not, but there are still many valuable treasures waiting to be discovered, and it has never been easier to find them thanks to modern 3D treasure detectors such as GoldenEye.


What Are Treasure Detectors?

Humans have been walking this Earth for at least 200,000 years, leaving behind countless
valuable objects. You may not even know it, but the park you like to visit every Sunday morning may be a site of a forgotten battle or an ancient place of worship. Your very own backyard may be hiding treasures so valuable that the value of the land itself would pale in comparison.

If you like the idea of finding hidden treasures and would like to pick up treasure hunting as animmensely fun and potentially profitable hobby, you need a treasure detector, also known as a metal detector or treasure scanner.
In the simplest terms, a treasure or gold detector is a device that harnesses magnetic fields to locate metallic and non-metallic objects buried in the earth, including coins, relics, dinosaur bones, jewelry, or lost weapons and armor. Some treasure detectors can even discover underground passages, tombs, and other structures.
Treasure detectors go back to the 19th century, but today’s versions are significantly more
accurate, lighter, and more capable, often featuring wireless capabilities and sophisticated 3D scanning. Despite how much have treasure detectors evolved over the years, users still sweep them across the ground and watch for some sort of an indicator to tell them when they pass over a treasure.


GoldenEye 3D Treasure Detector

Arguably the most advanced treasure detector on the market today is GoldenEye. This 3D
treasure detector weighs only a few hundred grams thanks to its carbon fiber construction. It features advanced 3D imaging technology with a special feature called camera live scan and is able to detect objects 30m depth.
Other detectors on the market use various visual and auditory means to alert about the possible presence of a treasure that are difficult to interpret even for experienced treasure hunters.
Because GoldenEye overlays scanning information on top of the real world, even inexperienced treasure hunters can reliably and accurately find treasures buried several feet below the ground.
To make treasure hunting even easier, GoldenEye eliminates user error with its multi-sensor system for background noise tracking and its position indicator dots that turns red when the treasure detector is not correctly oriented in relation to the ground.
Best of all, GoldenEye is compatible with both Android and iOS, can be charged with a power bank, and gives users the option to export captured data for further processing.



Regardless of whether you’re an experienced treasure hunter looking for a discrete yet powerful detector that you can take with you anywhere, or you want something affordable and easy to use to start with, GoldenEye is a great choice.

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