Technology has come a long way. The business world has benefited tremendously from advancements made in the past decade. Things have changed for the better. This year, many business automation trends are emerging. Therefore, you can expect improvements in customer experience and employee productivity.

Digital transformation is here to stay. It is vital that you leverage automation to redesign organizational workflow. It will allow you to take your business to the next level. Besides, the coronavirus pandemic has only accelerated change. With virtual business transactions and remote work becoming the norm, here are the major business automation trends that you will see in 2021.

  1. Complete Digital Workflow Transformation

One of the biggest business automation trends in 2021 is complete digital workflow transformation. Prior to the pandemic, electronic whiteboards, latte machines, bean bag chairs, and open floor plans were used by organizations to ensure agility. However, the coronavirus pandemic resulted in employees and customers opting for a remote landscape. Thus, digital workflow transformation has become integral for improving customer experience and employee productivity.

Only those organizations will succeed that master the digital landscape. From using automation tools like no-code tool for business automation to collaboration tools such as MS Teams and Zoom, digital workflow transformation is a trend that sees no signs of stopping. Businesses that use analogue models will continue to fall behind despite the fact that offices would open up once again.

  1. Build Business Workflow on RPA

RPA has become incredibly popular. It has paved the way for routine automation. Thus, mundane tasks can be done more easily and quickly. In fact, it makes such tasks fun. Gone are the days when employees had to perform motivation-killing tasks such as copy and paste data entries. Tech-savvy B2B companies are harnessing the power of RPA automation to grow. There is nothing that cannot be done with complementary technologies including document intelligence and process orchestration. Automate the creation of high-value workflows and mission-critical business tasks like never before.

  1. Prioritize High-Value Workflows

Companies are focusing on high-value workflows to ensure organization success. Every organization runs on workflows. Sequential tasks such as approving documents, invoice processing, and onboarding are part of the business process. The workflow of an organization is its intellectual property. It is the DNA that enables them to do things cheaper, better, faster, and smarter. However, not every workflow is created equally which is why it is crucial to prioritize automations that yield the highest possible value. The following characteristics are common among such workflows.

  • Document Intelligence: The application of artificial intelligence and cognitive capture to workflows allows for unstructured data to be automated and information to be extracted for unlocking data insights.
  • Process Orchestration: Orchestration of digital workflows allows for collaboration with data, systems, and users.
  • Connected Systems: Workflows that involve various critical business systems such as chatbots, mobile, legacy systems, and enterprise applications across external and internal business processes.
  1. Evolution of Ecosystems

Integrated intelligent automation platforms are revolutionizing business ecosystems. They are providing one-stop-shop platforms by utilizing complementary, pre-integrated automation technologies to drive digital workflow transformation. Although they offer all the capabilities needed for automating quickly, driving rapid results, and reducing technical debt, many companies still need customizations. Therefore, ecosystems have been revolutionized for filling in the gaps. Vast networks of technologies are being developed by platform providers for providing access to a variety of solutions. Thus, companies will rely on such ecosystems for purchasing the desired business outcomes. The ability to accomplish automation results would be accelerated.

  1. Citizen Developers Will Set The Pace

With more and more intuitive intelligent automation platforms popping up, businesses are partnering with IT to devote their automation efforts to drive strategic business outcomes. Therefore, the citizen developers work along with IT to harness intelligent automation for transforming information-intensive workflows. In fact, many companies today are excelling in the new normal by adopting such an approach. It accelerates time-to-value, reduces technical debt, and creates agility. On the other hand, some organizations are accelerating digital transformation by emulating the model.

  1. 5G Data Wave

Another business automation trend that you will see in 2021 is the 5G data wave. You have to surf the 5G data wave in order to survive. Otherwise, your organization would simply drown in the data. 5G would enable companies to collect, transmit, and analyze more data for taking their business strategy and decision-making game to the next level. Therefore, it is important for organizations to upgrade their capability and ability to make the most of the surge in data.

By digitizing and transforming business data analysis, it is possible to obtain business insights to attain better performance. Document and data intelligence technology is required for converting unstructured data that is locked away in 5G transmissions. Artificial intelligence and cognitive capture would play a huge role in allowing content extraction, sentiment analysis, and data classification. Those unprepared would be unable to utilize usable information.

  1. Artificial Intelligence Empowers the Masses

Intelligent automation platforms will be used in 2021 for achieving digital workflow transformation. In fact, artificial intelligence would not only be used by data scientists in global organizations, but also smaller organizations. It has become accessible for every company. Image recognition, intelligent optical character recognition, natural language processing, and machine learning will be embedded by the intelligent automation platforms for empowering citizen developers in order to ensure that they accomplish digital workflow transformation. Thus, it would elevate productivity levels and accelerate work.

Artificial intelligence will empower masses to take their business to the next level. It is no longer limited to multi-national corporations. Its affordability is allowing for more organizations to grow without having to hit the bank.


Once you have gone over this post, you will know about the hottest business automation trends in 2021. With the trends popping up, it is important that you leverage these trends to reach new heights. Artificial intelligence and machine learning will pave the way for transformations. There is no limit to what can be achieved.