If you are an online gambler, perhaps you’d like to know about Trustly – an online gambling payment gateway. A Swedish company founded in 2008, Trustly is the preferred online payment gateway for thousands of gamblers spread all over the world. Trustly started with just nine employees, more than a decade ago. Today, it has more than 350 staff, working in nine offices in the US and Europe. The company processes over nine million payments per month and is supported by well-regarded investors. Read this online payment method review article to know more about Trustly.

The aim of Trustly is to help customers make online payments easier. Another goal of this fintech firm is to make these payments safer. Please note that your bank account plays a very important role in your online payment process. Until now, Trustly’s online payment systems have attained a 600 million customer reach. This payment method is preferred by other industries aside from online gambling, such as travel, e-commerce and financial services. If you are an online gambler or a casino, read this payment method comparison article and find out why Trustly is trusted by so many.

Trustly and the Gaming Business

Players expect to start playing and using their casino deposits immediately after making their first deposit. This is where Trustly steps in. With its incredible fast payment systems, this gateway helps casinos improve player experiences and grow customer loyalty. According to a study, roughly 94% of all customers prefer an online casino that lets them withdraw their earnings quickly. However operational efficiency should never compromise payment safety and security. The Trustly casino payment method combines both of these advantages; only genuine players receive their payments. Not just that; all payment reconciliations take place quickly.

Many online casinos prefer Trustly for its Pay N’Play feature. With this innovative product, online gamblers can play their favourite games as soon as they make their initial deposits. As per a study, 24% of all players drop out of the registration process, and of those who choose to fill the form, just 1/3 register themselves in the next 24 hours. Trustly helps retain your potential players by making the signing-up process faster. When a player signs up, he just makes the deposit from his bank account, which is verified by Trustly.

Trustly Direct Debit

Make use of Trustly’s Direct Debit for accepting one-click or recurring payments. To get started, just fill in a simple form and join millions of merchants for a seamless experience. You just have to fill in some basic details such as your name, email ID, annual turnover, business license number, company website and your job title. In addition, you will be asked whether you run a business or are a private person. Trustly will also ask a few other details such as your phone number, country, industry, name of the company, etc.

With Trustly Direct Debit, build your business and reduce your churn due to expiring cards. With this amazing product, get more customers because of the quick sign-up process. Many businesses opt out because of tedious processes that require entering card numbers, bank account details and so on. As a merchant, you need a flexible payment process; Trustly Debit is just that. It factors in your changing payments as well as schedules. Trustly Debit also has a simple user interface. Your customer has to just give his permission, and the rest is taken care of by this product.

Integrating Trustly is very easy

Trustly makes it very simple to integrate it with your platform, be it a Plug N’Play model or whether you want to build your own solution. In the former model, set up the Trustly module on your platform. Very little technical knowledge is required in this case. If you want to build your own solution, you need to have a basic knowledge of networking, financial and transaction technology, and other associated concepts. To integrate this API, knowledge of basic operating systems and any programming language is required. If you still encounter problems, call the Trustly support.

Follow these steps while connecting with the Trustly API; first, you need to have a test environment. You can generate a Private-Public key by referring to the API documentation on the company website. In the next step, please send your test credentials to the contact person at Trustly. This person will share your password and login details with you. In your back end, connect your Deposits, Refunds, and Withdrawals with Trustly. In the front end, you can modify your Checkout section according to Trustly’s guidelines. While integrating Trustly with your platform, please read the Terms and Conditions.

Trustly partners

Trustly will be happy to connect with you irrespective of your size. The partners of this online payment site range from very big merchants to small enterprises and start-ups. Trustly partners include Platform Providers, Checkout Solutions, Technical PSPs, and Collecting PSPs. Trustly works with a wide range of third-party plugins so that your integration is smooth and quick. These plugins are developed and maintained by Trustly’s partner Customweb. Some of these plugins are Magento, Prestashop, Woocommerce, Opencart, Jigoshop, WPeCommerce, Gambly, Drupal, Mijoshop, Seomercari, Oxid Sales, JTL Shop, AceShop, commerceseo, and many others.

No matter how complicated your system is, Trustly will come and help you. Currently, these PSPs are supported by these players – Zotapay, Fondy, Apcopay, AltPayNet, ACI Universal Payments, AcceptEasy, DigiProcessing, Computop, Dalberry, Billmate, and Emerchantpay. Lately, Trustly has been in the news because of its product innovations. In October 2019, this fintech major announced the setting up of two new tech facilities in Brazil and Portugal. In the same year, Trustly announced its partnership with Alibaba to help the latter’s European customers in making online banking transactions. You can learn more about Trustly by sending us an email.