As we all know that Twitter is one of the most powerful social networking sites, it is important to make the most use of the social network. One of the ways to ensure that we are effectively using twitter is by making sure that we do not follow anyone does not follow back, especially for people with lots of followers such as celebrities, politicians and even sport athletes.

It can be quite embarrassing to follow someone we know who does not follow us back. Twitter is the place where one can easily make connections with others and tweet about the latest news or their recent quests.

This is where the Twitter Unfollow App comes into place, it is a powerful app because it shows you which followers are not following you back on Twitter. The app provides useful tools that help you find those followers who are guilty of not following you back.

With the app, you can clean up your Twitter accounts and unfollowing those people or accounts who do not follow you back, are spammers or have been inactive lately. The app has tools for each type of option.


The Unfollow App Features

The Circleboom helps to analyze your Twitter account and shows you all the accounts which have recently unfollowed you or do not follow you back at all. You will stay ahead of the game with this multi-purpose app which makes your twitter experience that much better.

Why follow someone you does not follow you back and retweet his or her tweets when you can tap that unfollow button and say “Ciao”.

The app also provides you with all the information about spammers and fake profiles to clean up your feed. Just unfollow such accounts with a tap of a button.

Another important feature that the app has is the inactive feature which shows you a list of Twitter accounts which have been inactive. In order for a person to be considered inactive, they need to have not tweeted for a period of more than 2 months or 60 days to be more precise. These accounts will be shown in the inactive accounts / profiles list, so that you can unfollow them and only follow those accounts which are active Twitter users, after all inactive Twitter users are boring.

One of the greatest features that the incredible twitter unfollow app has is the option to view talkative accounts.  One knows how annoying some accounts can be due to the fact they happen to create just about too much noise on the platform or tweet things which are useless or either boring. Never feel guilty unfollowing such accounts.

Once you unfollow these talkative accounts, your Twitter feed will appear to be much cleaner. There’s no need to follow such accounts which over retweet or tweet. Twitter is a platform for one to be concise and posting too much is not in everyone’s best interests.

The Twitter Unfollow App that is CircleBoom will help classify all your friends or followers as spanners & fakes, inactive Twitter accounts or talkative accounts. All these accounts hinder your process of enjoying Twitter which is why it is a good idea to give them the unfollow they deserve with the best Twitter Unfollow App out there.

Now, you get to only follow those accounts which actually make your experience on Twitter much more meaningful.

Another one of the fake accounts is the eggheads which have an account that does not have a profile picture or display picture (DP in short). There are various reasons why an account does not have a display picture such as their account being locked or suspended. It is a good idea to unfollow such accounts as they are less likely to be genuine and should not be on Twitter as they hinder a healthy Twitter experience.


Make your Profile Stronger

When you use the Twitter Unfollow App which is CircleBoom, you will get an in-depth analysis of the Twitter account which you are using to find out who needs to be unfollowed by you to help stenghten the account.

Twitter analysis is one of the hottest and in demand tools out there which is why it is important to download CircleBoom which is the leading Twitter Unfollow App in the market. Users have written their reviews of their excellent experiences with the app.

Twitter will remain to be one of the most powerful social networking sites after Facebook such as SnapChat and Instagram. The app is all you need to ensure that you enjoy a clutter free feed which maximizes your chances of finding the information that you need and which is useful.

As more and more people around the world start using the internet and the internet population exceeding 2 Billion users, Twitter is the app for everyone.


Why you need to Use the Twitter Unfollow App now?

Do you find yourself going through your following section to find out just who is not following you back? Then why waste the time when you can find all the users who do not follow you back in one section.

The Twitter Unfollow app is very easy to use due to its user friendly interface that has been made to provide you with the best experience possible. Users of the app have advised all their friends to give it a try due to its strong features.

Unlike other apps out there which usually hang and get stuck, the CircleBoom Twitter Unfollow App has a far superior user interface which barely lags or hangs. This gives you the convenience to easily use the app and find out all those account that do not follow you back.

Keep calm and download the app to find out just who isn’t following you back. Someone who doesn’t  follow you back has no right to be followed by you unless they are hot or a celebrity but everyone else needs to be unfollowed.