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Commercial refrigeration may be needed for different reasons, such as gas stations, grocery stores, delis, and even in home.  There are a few different types of commercial refrigeration equipment that may be chose from depending on the need.


What is Commercial Refrigeration?
You have a refrigerator in your home, so you know what it does. What makes commercial refrigeration different though? Commercial refrigeration is meant to hold bigger stocks of food than that of a residential unit. Commercial refrigeration is made for the food to stay at a certain temperature no matter how often it is exposed to other temperatures. Such as the vegetable coolers that are completely open to the public to reach in and grab.  

Another example being that of the refrigerated drinks with glass doors; they are opened multiple times a day. Commercial refrigeration is meant to be more powerful. The compressors and vents constantly work together to cycle different pressure with increased speed to keep the temperatures cold enough for proper food refrigeration.


Types of Commercial refrigeration
There are many types of commercial refrigeration one of them being reach in refrigerators. Reach in refrigerators come in different sizes, most of these are located at the back of stores, most are not made for show casing the contents, though there are glass door options. Glass door options for reach in refrigerators are mainly meant for staff to monitor products.

Dual temperature refrigerators are much like reach ins, most commonly used in back areas of kitchens. These are well suited for restaurants, they provide two temperature zones much like refrigerator and freezer combination.

Pass-through refrigerators are much like reach in units although they are accessible from the back and the front. These units are also used in kitchen settings, and in some gas stations for easy stocking.

Merchandiser refrigerators are used in gas stations and grocery stores. The purpose of these units are to hold products such as bottles such as soda, milk, and juice as well as allow customers the ability see clearly see what they may want before opening the container.

Under-counter refrigeration units are great for bar use, and restaurants up front. These are smaller units meant to store products that may be commonly needed but for smaller space availability.  

Worktops or prep stations allow you to store product underneath the work area. These units come in different forms while still being of decent comfortable heights to work on the top space. These commercial refrigeration units are common with food prep lines such as sandwich and salad shops.

Walk-in refrigeration units are usually in every restaurant and grocery store available in freezers and refrigeration these are meant to store big stocks of product and are not meant for repeatedly being opened and closed. These help shelf life of food for businesses, allowing them to keep a large stock accessible for when front end stock runs low or out.


Commercial refrigeration comes in many varieties. Sizing of commercial refrigerators varies on the needs of the business. These units come with open units for easy access by customers, glass doors to see through, and units that are larger for stocking larger product volumes and maintaining more shelf life.

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