Types of Car Covers and What They Do

When you first buy a car, there are a bunch of thoughts rushing through your head regarding what else to purchase. There is a big range of accessories you can buy, and purchasing all of them is probably not going to be a good way to spend your money.

However, if you’re a responsible car owner and you wish to see your car on the road for many years to come, then your first investment post car purchase should be in car covers. This seems like a pretty mundane thing to buy, but it’s actually really important, in more ways than you know, too. 

Car covers work wonders at protecting your car from external sources of danger, which could potentially cause a lot of damage to your vehicle’s interior and exterior. Whether it’s parked outside, in the garage, or on the road, there is a lot of potential harm that can come its way. While at first this may not seem like a big deal, after some time this can add up to something much bigger, possibly costing you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in damage.

So, to avoid unnecessary visits to the mechanic and having to pay them extra for all those repairs, you can invest in one of the many different car covers out there, which are all designed to protect your vehicle from different kinds of damage.


Waterproofing Your Car

If you live in parts of the world, where rain is a big part of your daily life, you can be sure that your car faces a lot of dangers when parked outside. In parts of Europe like England or France, where rain is common, many drivers opt for waterproof housse voiture, or car covers, designed to shrug off the moisture.

Waterproofing your car isn’t simply important because it saves money on car washes. Excess moisture both on the exterior and interior of your car can be quite disastrous in its own ways. While modern car paint coats are designed to be as durable as possible, with multiple layers of waterproof coats, even the best quality paint doesn’t stand a chance of constant rain.

When rainwater stays on the surface of a car for long periods of time, it makes it vulnerable to pain chippings and corrosion. Again, a few drops of rainwater won’t make this happen, but if you don’t pay attention to your car for long enough and leave it outside in the rain, at some point, this is bound to happen.

Fixing paint chipping isn’t easy or cheap, especially if your car has a high-quality paint job; fixing that is even harder and even more time consuming. Which is why car collectors invest in waterproof car covers, to make sure that the exterior of the car comes into contact with water as little as possible. 

Not only is the exterior important, but also the interior. A car drenched in water for a couple of days is in danger of having its internal mechanics rust. If this happens, your car will need to go through extensive repairs, with many the required replacement of several parts.

Waterproof and water resistant car covers keep this from happening and ensure that even the harshest of rainstorms, your car will stay dry. Thanks to the fabric’s tight weave, that acts almost like a mesh, protecting the exterior of the car, you won’t have to worry about water getting onto the car’s surface.


Car Cover for Indoor Storage

Ever wonder why car collectors, even when they have their most cherished cars parked inside these well ventilated and air-locked garages, still put covers on their cars? Simple, because dirt will always find its way into your car. Even with all the proper rubber car mats, seat covers and everything else you can think of to ensure that your car stays clean, you need to remember that dust and dirt particles can get into any crack or crevice.

Dust is not that big of a deal at first, since it’s only a little dirt particle, which doesn’t do much at first. But leave it in certain places on your vehicle for a long enough time, and you can be sure that after some time, the dust will clump up and clog certain car parts, like the air filtration unit. Dust has even been known to get into the motor, which I don’t need to tell you can be disastrous for your vehicle. 

Indoor car covers can protect your car from dust buildup. It’s a very easy and effective way of ensuring that your car stays clean even when parked in the most packed garage you can find. Consider the fact that your garage isn’t just there for vehicle storage. Look around and see all the other things you’ve packed inside it, from gardening tools, to old bikes and sometimes even exercise equipment. 

All of this has the potential of being knocked over and hitting your car, damaging the surface. So even when dust isn’t a factor (which is pretty much always is), you also need to consider the fact that anything at any point in time can be tipped over and cause a pretty big dent in the surface. If it’s heavy or sharp enough, it can even poke an entire hole.

You don’t have to take chances, instead you can simply purchase an indoor car cover, specially designed to keep your car safe when parked inside a garage. If you get it custom tailored, it can even be a perfect fit for your vehicle, matching all of its curves and edges.


Make Your Next Purchase Count

Even if you may be saving up for spinning rims, try to make your next car accessory purchase actually count for something and get yourself a car protection cover. Fancy rubber car mats and all the other luxury items will always be available to purchase, but unless you get yourself the right kind of protection, you’re going to be spending a lot more time at the mechanic’s and a lot less in your car.