Foosball tables are a remarkable addition to any game room. This table game is highly popular and extremely entertaining and it is both competitive and fun.  The game can be played with two or more individuals.  A wide range of these tables are on the market; therefore, it can be extremely overwhelming trying to determine which one to choose.  Below are some details on the available varieties:


Kinds of Foosball Tables

When you are ready for your own table, it is important to bear in mind that there are different kinds of tables available.  Knowing in advance the type you want will help in speeding up the shopping process.  This will ensure you get the best foosball table.


Standard Table

Typically, this full-size gaming table is the type most people are probably familiar with.  Although it has to be put together when it arrives, it is viewed as an all-in-one type of table. They are designed to stay in one place, so they are typically very heavy because they are made from solid wood.  A combination of MDF particle board and real wood is used on some of the more inexpensive models.  They weigh less; however, they are still typically a minimum of 100 pounds.


The majority of the standard tables are made out of high-quality components designed to last for many years.  Additionally, some are heavy-duty models that can be left outside.  For those with a smaller budget, it is essential to pay attention to the size of the table.  A number of the more inexpensive tables are not full-size.  This might not be a bid deal for you; however, it is surely something to think about when evaluating tables.


Tabletop Tables

Due to their small size, these tables are typically called mini foosball tables.  The size makes them perfect for children and those who do not have adequate space for a full-size table but still want to enjoy a game of foosball when they feel the need.  Tabletop versions require a sturdy playing surface like a coffee table, a dining room table or a countertop.  In addition, they can also be placed on the floor; however this might be an uncomfortable way to play the game.  Many parents prefer this version for their children because it offers an inexpensive way for kids to learn the game before advancing to a larger, more costly table.

These are not just for kids though.  They are also ideal for college dorms.  The essential thing to be aware of where these tables are concerned is that they are typically made from plastic, which is the reason they are so inexpensive.  However, this is also an indication that they are not designed to last, so high quality should not be expected.


Combination Game Tables

If you want the most bang for your buck or you are shopping for children, a combination table could be the best for you.  This style of table has the capacity to be converted into many different kinds of table games.  For example it can be used to play games like foosball, billiards and air hockey.  The combinations vary by model and manufacturer; however, they are usually high-quality tables that are close to full size or actually full size.  Nonetheless, every so often, a tabletop version can be found as well.  These are remarkable for children and individuals who live in condos and small apartments or do not have enough room for many different game tables.  Additionally, they are also an excellent choice for those who only have enough for one game table and do not want to be forced to settle for just one game.

Table Surface

A few different things are there to pay attention to when the surface of the table is being checked.  Even if you are unable to physically inspect it, the info is usually in the product description.

A table with a laminate is superior to one with stick-on designs.  This is because the stick-on ones could roll up or peel, which could cause issues during the game.  Typically, the issue of stick-on designs only surfaces if you buy a cheap particleboard table.  This includes field markings as well; avoid tables with stick-on field markings for the very same reason.


Speed is another consideration when it comes to the table surface.  Most of the American tables have a hard finish and a smooth playing surface. The smoother and harder the surface, the quicker the ball will travel while playing.