For those of you that do not know much about scaffolding but might have heard about it here and there, it is temporary structure which provides support to the original structure. It is also used by construction workers as a platform for carrying out the construction. One of the most important questions that people tend to have is what are the different types of scaffolding in construction? Durascf will help readers understand the types of scaffolding.

Single Scaffolding

When it comes to brick masonry, single scaffolding is the most popular choice. It is also known as brick layer’s scaffolding. Generally, single scaffolding consists of putlogs, ledgers, and standards. It is placed parallel to the wall and has a distance of around 1.2 m. The standard distance between the single scaffolding and the wall is around 2 m to 2.5 m. The standards are connected using ledgers and tend to have a vertical interval of 1.2 m to 1.5 m. The putlogs would be taken out and left in the hole so that the ledgers can connect.

Double Scaffolding

Similar to single scaffolding, double scaffolding is used in stone masonry as well. It is also known as mason’s scaffolding. It is difficult to make holes in stone walls for supporting the putlogs. Hence, there is a need for two rows of scaffolding to be constructed so as to provide extra support. The initial row would be 20 to 30 cm away, whereas, the second row would be 1 m away from the initial row. After this, the putlogs would be placed to support the two frames.

Cantilever Scaffolding

Standards gain support by cantilever scaffolding which consist many needles for boring a hole in the wall. In some the needles get strutted into the floors for an opening. It is important to note that great care is required when constructing cantilever scaffolding. This type of scaffolding is suitable under the following conditions.

  • When the wall’s upper part has not been constructed.
  • When the ground close to the wall does not have any traffic.
  • When the ground is unable to support the standards.

Suspended Scaffolding

The working platform would be suspended from the roof in suspended scaffolding. It requires chains or wire ropes to be lowered or raised to the desired level. Suspended scaffolding is commonly used for paintings, pointing, and repair works.

Trestle Scaffolding

When it comes to trestle scaffolding, it us used for supporting the working platform which requires ladders or movable tripods. Trestle scaffolding is suitable for work inside the room such as for repairs, paintings, and the like.

Steel Scaffolding

Steel tubes are used for constructing steel scaffolding. They are fixed using steel fittings or couplers. A great thing about steel scaffolding is the fact that they are very easy to make and dismantle. It provides a higher fire resistance, durability, and strength. However, it is not the most economical of options.