Are you a fan of football? Do you want cash in on the UEFA European Championship 2020? Then, you need to head over to EM 2020 as it covers the entire championship. You will be blown away by the information provided on the platform. Held on June 12, 2020, the European Football Championship 2020 is said to break all records when it comes to viewing and betting opportunities. The competition is expected to end on July 12, 2020.


Who Will Be Playing?

If you are wondering who will be playing at the UEFA European Championship 2020, then, you should know that 24 national football teams will be playing from all over Europe. Hence, there will be a neck and neck competition which will consist of 51 meetings. Each meeting will show off the skills of some of the best football players in the world. People from around the globe will be watching the match to satisfy their love for football. The UEFA European Championship 2020 consists of only the best teams that have proven to the world that they have what it takes to make it to the top.

Where Will The Competition Take Place?  

The UEFA European Championship 2020 will be held in 13 different cities around Europe. It will be an unforgettable tournament where football lovers will come together to watch their favorite team battle it out for the top prize. Since there are only a few months left until the championship, the excitement is in the air. Sweden has managed to perform quite well and its win against Romania has qualified it to win it big.

The reason why UEFA European Championship 2020 will be one of the best championships to ever take place is because of the fact that no individual country would be the host nation and that the tournament will take place in about 12 European countries. The final match will be held at the Wembley Stadium in London. The groups had been drawn on November 30. The teams will come head to head like never. Watch your team play it out. As for now, 20 teams out of the 24 have made their way towards the finals. Find out if your team made it on the list.


Possible Teams To Win The UEFA European Championship 2020

The following teams have a greater chance of winning the UEFA European Championship 2020 as compared to others. Read on to learn more about the teams that have the highest chance of winning so that you can bet on them to win a ton of money.

  1. France

The winner of the 2018 World Cup, France is the most obvious team to be included in this list. The French team has many amazing players that you can definitely bet on. It might not be your favorite team during the 2018 World Cup, but it is one that is known for its performance. The team wants to show the world that it has what it takes to win the UEFA European Championship 2020.

  1. England

England is another top performer. Despite its previous performance, England has much to offer. The team consists of some of the biggest football stars. Although the team might not be nearly as good as France, it is one that truly kicks when it comes to playing under stress. Kane and Sterling can level it up.

  1. Belgium

Many of the football fans thought that Belgium would win the 2018 World Cup. However, France managed to beat the team during the semi-finals. Belgium is a team that consists of many world stars such as Eden Hazard and Kevin de Bruyne. If you want to give the UEFA European Championship 2020 your all, Belgium is a team you can bet on.

  1. Spain

Spain is a top performer. Even though the team did not do well ever since its 2010 World Cup victory, it has many world class players. Hence, it is a good idea to bet on Spain. But, the reason why Spain did not do so well in the past is because of the fact that many players that helped Spain win in the 2010 World Cup left the team. However, Luis Enrique is the new coach who has honed Spain to perfection and is expected to make the team make a major win.

  1. Germany

Germany is a team that never gives up. Its history clearly shows that Germany is not one to let others shine. During the last World Cup, Germany was expected to win. However, it did not happen and Germany is back for redemption. Having a similar situation like Spain means that Germany has a chance to win. After having won the 2014 World Cup, many of its players left. The new players are promising and chances are that Germany might shine this year.

  1. The Netherlands

The Netherlands has made it to the top spot many times. It consists of a very strong squad that has worked very hard over the years to make the team proud. Having consistently played well at all football tournaments, the Netherlands is not a team that sits around. Besides, with Virgin Van Dijk by its side, the Netherlands has a great opportunity to win. It is definitely possible for the Netherlands to win the UEFA European Championship 2020.

  1. Italy

Even though Italy did not head to Russia for the World Cup, the team has been a huge contender. It is said to take revenge on other teams at the UEFA European Championship 2020. But, one should bear in mind that the Italian team might not be the strongest one out there. Although Verratii and Insigne might stand out, Italy does not have solid players to get it through. However, many of the young promising players that are part of the Italian team have a lot to offer and it is only a matter of time that the team will shine through to the top. Watch out for this team.