Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson are having the rematch of the year in UFC and it has been five years in the making. UFC 232 with Jones vs Gustafsson is taking place on December 29th in Las Vegas at the T-Mobile arena and UFC fans all over the world are incredibly excited for this fight. Jones and Gustafsson had one of the hardest hitting light heavyweight fights in UFC history back in 2013. Jones was the victor and everyone is waiting on these two fighters to bring back the intensity from 2013.


Jones has had a hard few years since Gustafsson and him met in the octagon in September 2013. Jones had a hit and run incident in October of 2015 which led to his UFC light heavyweight title being stripped from him. Jones also had two positive drug tests in the last few years. One in 2016 that tested positive for cocaine and one in 2017 that tested positive for a banned substance. The anti-doping agency responsible for the positive 2017 believes that Jones unknowingly ingested the illegal substance before the Daniel Cormier fight. Many people still have their doubts about the drug tests, including Gustafsson. If you love to watch this fight and don’t know how to Watch UFC 232 Jones vs Gustafsson Live Stream Online then ufc TV pass is best place to watch .


“I don’t have the same respect for Jones as I did five years ago,” Gustafsson recently told MMANytt.


Gustafsson has struggled with all of the problems that Jones has had out of the octagon and many other UFC fighters have had as well. Jones is still known as one of the greatest UFC fighters of all time even with all of the controversies that surround his legacy. Many UFC fans and experts struggle with Jones’s legacy and his overall standing in UFC history. Gustafsson is not letting any of the controversy bother him before the fight and he is concentrated just on Jones and the fight.

“I’ll knock him out in the fourth,” he continued. “Jon Jones’ head will bounce off the canvas in the fourth round.”


This is an extremely bold statement from Gustafsson as he did not have as nearly as much confidence the last time that these two fought. Gustafsson is looking to avenge his loss to Jones and take home his first UFC title. Gustafsson surprised fans and experts by being the first fighter in UFC history to take Jones down to the mat in 2013. Jones fought back brilliantly and ended up winning the fight unanimously ruled by the judges.


The odds for UFC 232 are much closer than they were back in 2013 because experts know that Gustafsson can take Jones on and push him to his limits. Gustafsson has not entered the ring since May of 2017 which has some experts concerned that he will not be ready for a match against Jones. While, Jones has also not had a fight since July of 2017 so both fighters have not entered the octagon since more than a year ago. This makes UFC 232 that much more enticing because no one knows what kind of moves both of these fighters have been working on. Jones claimed that the reason their 2013 matchup was so close was that he did not train for the fight at all and that this time he will be ready to go. Many UFC fans have speculated that this is just for show and that Jones will have to train hard to even compete with Gustafson at UFC 232.

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This is going to be a hard hitting contest between the two fighters where anything will go. Jones will be looking to prove all of the doubters and naysayers wrong and reclaim the UFC light heavyweight title and rise back to the top of the sport. Neither fighter is lacking any confidence going into UFC 232 and they are going to put on another incredible fight that the UFC world will always remember. Make sure that you tune in on December 29th and check out which fighter will walk away with the UFC light heavyweight title.