Ultimate Tips To Get Best Internet Performance During Online Gaming 

Once you develop the taste for online gaming, simple games on your computer system just don’t cut it. More and more people are not shifting to the trend of multiplayer online gaming. Consequently, they are also looking for ways to improve their experience by getting rid of issues like latency and connection interruptions. 

Therefore, people are not just searching for simple queries like how to make the best use of experience potion in World of Warcraft, but also asking complicated questions “how to improve our overall gaming experience online?”

It is really a disappointment when you are so close to winning but all of a sudden, the game starts to lag and you are unable to beat the opposing team due to faulty internet connection. There are a few tricks that can help you fix this issue. Let’s take a look! 


Opt For a Better Gaming Device 

Contrary to popular opinion, a super-fast internet connection does not guarantee that your device will perform up to the mark. Outdated computers are likely to cause more issues than upgraded systems with internet packages and network settings. 

This impact is more evident during online gaming when the servers connect to your computer device by making use of the installed hardware. If the hardware is compromised or of low quality, you would experience issues that can not be blamed on the internet. 

Therefore, you should think about replacing your computer with another one that offers better RAM, more disk space, and other improvements. This would automatically enhance your internet performance considerably. 


Free Internet Bandwidth By Closing Unwanted Programs 

If investing in a new device is not an option, there are other steps you can take to improve overall gaming experience online. One such measure is to reduce the burden on your internet connection by closing any programs that are not in use and are running in the background. 

One extra program can not degrade internet speed significantly, but a collection of them in the background will affect its performance to a great extent. 

You can quickly check the speed of the internet by entering a random query in Google such as how to hide commands when playing minecraft and noticing the time it takes for results to pop up. Alternatively, you can run online speed tests as well. 

In order to fix the bandwidth issue, open Task Manager and note the programs that are running in the background. Click on them and then choose to close them. This should enhance internet performance right away. 


Install a Proxy Software Application 

Smooth gaming runs requires two things: good speed of the broadband internet connection and efficient latency. This means, even if you have taken necessary steps to fix the speed issues, latency can still pose a great problem. 

Latency is basically the time it takes for the data to travel from one location to another. You can improve the latency on your device by installing a proxy software application. 


Cut Down The Number of Users on The Same Network 

This hack is old, but GOLD! 

When you are about to play online games, it is best to request other users of the same network to restrain from loading anything heavy on the internet or not use the network at all. 

A large number of users on the same network are employing the same bandwidth simultaneously so that would affect the performance of the internet. Therefore, you should reduce the number of gamers on your network. 

Devices connected to the network can be seen by accessing the setup page of the routing. You can strict the ones who are downloading large files or streaming HD content. This would free enough space for you to game without worry. 


Make Sure Your Wireless Network Is Secured 

Lastly, do not leave your internet connection without protection. Hackers may breach your security and unknown folks may be eating up the bandwidth without you being aware of it. 

This would eventually make your game lag too. Simply protect our network with a strong password and make sure you don’t share this information with anyone you don’t know or trust. 

If you have allowed access to multiple people, go to the router’s settings and change the password. Then tap on “disconnect all devices”. Login again to connect with the network. Now no device can share the same network without first requesting you for the password.